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If you’re a proud resident of East Cobb, Cutting Edge Firewood can deliver kiln-dried firewood or cooking wood directly to your doorstep. Our signature Delivery Artisan has provided residents in East Cobb and the surrounding Greater Atlanta Area with the world’s finest firewood for more than five years and counting. Whether you’re stockpiling firewood for winter — or if you’re planning an outdoor party with a fire pit — see why Cutting Edge Firewood is the preferred vendor of firewood among East Cobb residents.

About East Cobb, GA

East Cobb is a community of roughly 175,000 residents located in the northern end of Atlanta. While most other Atlanta suburbs are incorporated, East Cobb is not. There was a push to incorporate the community in 2009. Led by an organization called Citizens for the City of East Cobb, it sought to create a local government to improve the area’s infrastructure. If incorporated, East Cobb will have its own police department, fire department, sewer service and water services. Although East Cobb remains unincorporated, residents and certain lawmakers alike are working to change the community’s status.

The Benefits of Building Fires at Your East Cobb, GA Home

Why should you build fires at your East Cobb home? For starters, it will allow you to efficiently and effectively warm your home during winter. Like surrounding Atlanta communities, East Cobb isn’t particularly cold during winter, but it’s still cold enough to require some form of indoor heating. Statistics show that the average low temperature of East Cobb in December is 35 degrees, whereas the average high temperature is 55 degrees. In January, the community’s average low temperature is 33 degrees and its average high temperature is 53 degrees. If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, you can keep your East Cobb home warm this winter by building fires.

In addition to warming your East Cobb home, building fires can also reduce you and your family’s stress levels. A study cited by Discover Magazine suggests that humans have evolved to become more relaxed around fires. Thousands of years ago, prehistoric humans would gather around fires for warmth and protection. This created a social element with which now instinctively associate fires. Whether you’re sitting in front of your fireplace or gathering around an outdoor fire pit, you’ll probably feel calmer and more relaxed thanks to the stress-reducing effects of a fire.

Of course, building fires also allows you to cook. Rather than using your electric- or gas-powered stove, you can cook delicious foods over a wood-burning fire. Assuming you use a flavorful variety of wood, such as hickory, applewood, maple, hickory or oak, it will offer a delightful flavor that’s simply not available with traditional cooking methods.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Beware! Not All Firewood Is Made Equal

Not all firewood is made equal, and it’s important to choose the right type for your East Cobb home. High-quality firewood should be harvested from a hardwood tree. Firewood harvested from softwood trees lacks the density needed to provide a long-lasting fire. You can still light softwood firewood, but it dies out quicker than hardwood firewood due to its low density.

High-quality firewood should also be dry. Air-dried firewood is the most common, but it’s not necessarily the best. For the best burning performance, it’s recommended that you use kiln-dried firewood. Air-dried firewood is dried over the course of six to 12 months, resulting in a moisture content of about 15% to 20%. In comparison, kiln-dried firewood is dried using a special machine that lowers its moisture content to less than 10%.

Why East Cobb, GA Residents Should Choose Cutting Edge Firewood

You can always test your luck by trying to find a roadside vendor in East Cobb selling firewood, but unfortunately you never know what to expect. Many of these roadside vendors sell fresh firewood with a high moisture content or pest-infested firewood. It’s not until you get home and try lighting the wood that you realize it was poor investment. Cutting Edge Firewood simplifies the process by delivering premium kiln-dried firewood to your East Cobb home. You’ll receive a hand-delivered shipment of the finest firewood on the market, allowing you to build better, longer-lasting fires.

What If I Don’t Use All My Firewood This Winter?

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t use all your firewood by the end of winter. As long as you store it in a dry area that’s sheltered and off the ground, you can use it again next year. Some East Cobb residents store their firewood in a garage, while others store it in an outdoor shed.

Your search for firewood in East Cobb, GA is over. Stock up on high-quality kiln-dried firewood by visiting our order page now. After placing your order, we’ll deliver the kiln-dried firewood directly to your East Cobb, GA home.

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