Kiln-Dried Firewood in College Park, GA

Don't settle for low-quality firewood at your College Park home. Order premium kiln-dried firewood from the artisans here at Cutting Edge Firewood. Whether you prefer hickory, oak or cherry, we'll deliver the world's finest kiln-dried firewood to your College Park home. Using our premium firewood or cooking wood, you can build hotter, longer-lasting fires without the soot-rich smoke produced by other, lower-quality wood.

The History of College Park, GA

College Park is a medium-sized city in Georgia that covers both Fulton and Clayton County. Located on the southern edge of Atlanta, it's home to nearly 14,000 residents. Like many cities located in the Greater Atlanta Area, College Park began as a railroad depot. In the late 1800s, a depot for the Atlanta and West Point Railroad was constructed here. This spurred the development of a small community known as Atlantic City. In 1891, the city was renamed to Manchester. And in 1896, it was renamed once more to College Park -- a reference to the city's local college, Cox College.

Today, many of the original homes and buildings that were constructed in College Park are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Some of these properties include 19th century Queen Anne homes, while others include churches like the College Park First United Methodist Church. With more than 800 properties on the list of Historic Places, College Park has the fourth-largest collection of historic homes and buildings in The Peach State.

Keep Your College Park, GA Home Warm This Winter

With winter fast approaching, you should use this opportunity to prepare your home for the upcoming cold weather. Statistics show that College Park has an average high temperature of 55 degrees in January and an average low temperature of 33 degrees. While there are countless other cities throughout the United States that receive much colder winters, you'll still need some form of heating to create a comfortable environment in your College Park home.

If your College Park home has a fireplace or wood-burning stove, you can build fires to stay warm this winter. Both fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are designed to safely contain a fire. After placing firewood inside and lighting it, the fire will radiate heat throughout your College Park home to create a warm and comfortable environment during the winter. Of those two appliances, wood-burning stoves are slightly more efficient because of their smaller and more narrow ventilation pipe. With the right firewood, however, a fireplace can offer more than enough heat to satisfy you and your family's comfort needs.

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Kiln-Dried Firewood

Oak, Hickory or Cherry Kiln-Dried Firewood: Which Is Best?

All kiln-dried firewood has been processed to remove most of its moisture. The term "kiln dried" refers to an advanced drying technique in which wood logs are placed into a vacuum chamber where they are exposed to heated air. The purpose of kiln drying is to remove as much moisture from the wood as possible so that it lights easier, burns longer and produces more heat. There are different types of kiln-dried firewood available, the three most popular of which include oak, hickory and cherry.

Here's a breakdown of the differences between oak, hickory and cherry kiln-dried firewood:

  • Oak: Easy to light, produces great heat and a pleasant aroma.
  • Hickory: Burns hotter than oak, produces the best aroma but is slightly more difficult to light.
  • Cherry: Like oak, cherry kiln-dried firewood is easy to light and produces great heat. It also offers a pleasant aroma.

There are subtle nuances between oak, hickory and cherry kiln-dried firewood, including burn time, heat production, difficult of lighting, aroma and more. With that said, any of these three types make excellent kiln-dried firewood.

Storing Kiln-Dried Firewood at Your College Park, GA Home

After purchasing kiln-dried firewood, you should store it in a safe, dry area at your College Park home to protect it from moisture and pests. When left outdoors and exposed to the elements, kiln-dried firewood will absorb moisture, thereby negating the benefits of the kiln-drying process. You can still store your kiln-dried firewood, but you should keep it off the ground and covered with some form of shelter. Otherwise, it will absorb moisture and become difficult to light.

Alternatively, you can store kiln-dried firewood somewhere inside your home, such as an attached garage, basement or storage room. Whether you store kiln-dried firewood inside or outside your College Park home, you should make sure that it's dry and not exposed to moisture.

Enjoy hotter, longer-lasting fires at your College Park, GA home using kiln-fried firewood. Cutting Edge Firewood offers the finest quality kiln-dried firewood, which you can order by visiting our online store.

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