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If you're struggling to find high-quality firewood for your Brookhaven home, we have you covered. Cutting Edge Firewood has been serving residents in Brookhaven and the surrounding Atlanta suburbs for more than five years. Whether you're looking for kiln-dried oak, hickory or maple, we'll deliver a neatly stacked rack of high-quality firewood directly to your Brookhaven residence.

The History of Brookhaven

Brookhaven has a long history dating back to the turn of the 19th century, during which a European settler named John Elvins built a house on the land so that he grow crops. In the 1830s, brothers Harris and Solomon Goodwin purchased the land from Elvins. This led to a newfound popularity of Brookhaven, with dozens of other settlers moving to the city.

It wasn't until the early 1900s when Brookhaven really began to take off. Located northeast of Atlanta, Brookhaven became a popular summer destination for residents of Georgia's capital. While some people had already set up permanent residences in Brookhaven, most visited the city during summer vacations and getaways. Affluent Atlanta residents purchased cottages in Brookhaven, which they visited during the summer.

Even with its popularity, though, Brookhaven didn't become an official city of Georgia until recently. In 2007, there was a move among lawmakers and residents to incorporate Brookhaven as a city. This move eventually failed, but the battle wasn't over. In 2012, the Brookhaven was officially incorporated as a city, with 55% residents voting "yes" on the proposition.

How to Use Firewood in Your Brookhaven Home

There are several ways to use firewood in Brookhaven home. If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, you can build fires to warm your home during winter. Brookhaven doesn't have particularly cold winters, but it's still cold enough during this time of year to require some form of indoor heating. A central furnace of heat exchanger is always an option. If you're going to use electric- or gas-powered heating such as this, however, be prepared for some expensive monthly utility bills. A financially smarter and more energy-efficient way to heat your Brookhaven home is to build fires in a fireplace or wood-burning stove.

You can also use firewood outside your Brookhaven home. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace allows you to build fires on your patio or similar outdoor living space. Fireplaces are typically stationary, meaning you can't move them, whereas fire pits are usually portable. Regardless, you can use either to enjoy the relaxing, warm ambiance of a fire. Many Brookhaven residents use fire pits and outdoor fireplaces so that they can enjoy their patio during winter. It warms the surrounding space, allowing residents to stay outdoors even when the temperature begins to drop.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Buying Firewood Locally in Brookhaven vs Ordering Firewood Online

You have one of two options to secure firewood for your Brookhaven residence: You can buy it locally from a roadside vendor, or you can order it online. While buying locally may sound like a good idea, it has several caveats worth noting. First, you'll have to trek down local firewood, which may require driving for a half-hour or more. In some cases, you may still go home empty-handed. Second, you really don't know what you are buying with locally sold firewood. Roadside vendors rarely disclose the type of firewood being sold. Unfortunately, this means you could end up with a low-quality softwood like pine or cedar that's difficult to light and produces minimal heat. Third, locally sold firewood is often poorly maintained. Roadside vendors looking to make a quick buck neglect to properly season their firewood before selling it, resulting in firewood with a high moisture content.

Ordering firewood online for your Brookhaven residents, on the other hand, is a smarter choice. Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, we sell only the highest-quality firewood consisting of hardwoods like oak, maple, hickory and others. Hardwoods such as these are easier to light, burn longer, produce more heat and burn cleaner than softwoods. When you order firewood for your Brookhaven residence online, you also don't have to worry about driving to pick it up. We'll deliver your desired firewood straight to your Brookhaven home.

Furthermore, ordering firewood online for your Brookhaven home ensures that you get dry, seasoned wood. You can order kiln-dried firewood, for example, which has a moisture content of 8% or less. In comparison, green firewood often has a moisture content of 100% or higher. With kiln-dried firewood, you'll create longer-lasting fires that provide more warmth.

Find the best deals on kiln-dried firewood for your Brookhaven, GA home here at Cutting Edge Firewood. We offer a variety of premium firewood and cooking wood for Brookhaven, GA residents that you can order by visiting our online store.

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