Kiln-Dried Firewood in Athens, GA

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Become a maser fire-builder using Cutting Edge Firewood's signature kiln-dried firewood. Whether you're looking to build fires for heat, relaxation, cooking or just for fun, there's no substitution for kiln-dried firewood. And with our Delivery Artisan service, you can have kiln-dried firewood shipped straight to your Athens home, allowing you and your family to enjoy brighter fires.

About Athens, GA

Athens-Clarke County, or what's more commonly known by Georgians as just "Athens," is a heavily populated city and county in Georgia. It's located northeast of Atlanta and is the home of the University of Georgia (UGA).

The origins of Athens can be traced back to the late 1700s, during which it trading posts were established along the Oconee River. In 1785, developer Abraham Baldwin was granted a charter by state lawmakers for the construction of UGA. Reports show that the first schools and buildings on the campus were made almost entirely out of wooden logs. Today, UGA is one of the nation's top colleges, attracting roughly 25,000 applications each year from high school graduates looking to attend.

The Benefits of Burning Kiln-Dried Firewood at Your Athens, GA Home

Using kiln-dried firewood at your Athens home offers several benefits. First, it produces more heat than other types of firewood. The low moisture content of kiln-dried firewood -- usually 10% or less - means it burns more efficiently, resulting in greater heat. Second, kiln-dried firewood produces little or no smoke. This is particularly important when building fires in a fireplace, as too much smoke can lead to creosote buildup in your chimney while also setting off your smoke alarm. Third, kiln-dried firewood is safer to burn than other types of firewood. Because of its superior dryness, it doesn't pop like fresh or wet firewood.

Where to Find Kiln-Dried Firewood in Athens, GA

With a popular of over 125,000, local firewood sells quickly in Athens. And even if you're able to find a roadside vendor selling firewood, it probably won't be kiln-dried. Very few roadside vendors sell kiln-dried firewood. Instead, they sell air-dried firewood that's been left to dry. Air-dried firewood is better than fresh or green firewood, but it doesn't come close to achieving the same level of performance as kiln-dried firewood.

The good news is that you can still buy kiln-dried firewood for your Athens home by ordering it from Cutting Edge Firewood. For over five years, we've been delivering premium kiln-dried firewood, cooking wood and other fire-building accessories to residents throughout the Southeast, including Athens.

Cutting Edge Firewood

It's fine to use certain types of other firewood to build fires at your Athens home, but there are a few things you should know. Do not use fresh or green firewood. The terms "fresh" and "green" refer to firewood that was recently harvested from a tree and hasn't been dried. Coincidentally, a report published by UGA notes that a single cord of fresh oak firewood contains up to 55 gallons of water. Not only does this make it difficult to light, but the high moisture content of fresh firewood restricts the amount of heat it produces. Instead, burn either air-dried or kiln-dried firewood, the latter of which is recommended since it contains about half the moisture content as its air-dried counterpart.

You can also use cooking wood at your Athens home. Cooking wood comes from many of the same varieties as kiln-dried firewood, such as oak. But its smaller size makes it ideal for grilling and smoking foods.

Cooking With Firewood: Mistakes to Avoid

Using a flavorful variety of firewood can help you can cook delicious meats and veggies. Unfortunately, some people make one or more mistakes when using firewood to grill or smoke foods. One common mistake to avoid is dousing firewood with lighter fluid. While firewood is certainly easier to ignite when doused in a flammable substance, you have to consider how it affects your food. When lit, chemicals from the lighter fluid will turn to smoke that rises into your food while leaving behind a harsh chemical taste. To prevent this from happening, never use lighter fluid or any other flammable liquid on your firewood.

Another mistake to avoid when cooking with firewood is using too much heat. Heat is necessary to release the flavorful compounds from the wood. If you use too much heat, however, it will cause your wood to quickly burn and, subsequently, prevent you from slow-cooking your food. You can control the amount of heat produced by your fires by placing the wood next to the charcoal. For example, you can create one stack of charcoal and another stack of wood chips or chunks. By placing the wood next to the charcoal, it will burn more slowly.

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