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If you're a proud resident of Acworth, GA, look no further than Cutting Edge Firewood for you and your family's firewood needs. For more than five years, we've been delivering premium, kiln-dried firewood throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, including Acworth. Whether you're planning on using it to warm your home, create a relaxing outdoor living space or cook delicious meats and foods, we can deliver premium firewood directly to your Acworth residence or place of business.

History of Acworth, GA

With a population of 28,502, Acworth is a relatively small city in Cobb County. It's called often called "The Lake City" in reference to its close proximity to Lake Allatoona and Lace Acworth. Like many GA cities, though, Acworth has a long, rich history.

Acworth has origins dating back to the 1840s, during which the Western and Atlantic Railroad was created here. One of the railroad's engineers, Joseph Gregg, named the city after Acworth, New Hampshire, where he was born and raised. At the time, Acworth only consisted of a small supply station for trains. It wasn't until 1851 when a telegraph line was installed here. And while telegraphs are now obsolete, this paved the way the city's growth and expansion. Today, Acworth is a thriving city that's considered part of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Average Winter Temperature in Acworth, GA

As most residents of the city know, Acworth can get pretty cold during the winter months. Statistics that the average low temperature in Acworth during December is 38 degrees, while the average high is just 54 degrees. In January, Acworth is even colder, with an average high of 52 degrees and an average low of 34 degrees. While the temperatures quickly rise in the following spring and summer months, Acworth's winters can leave some residents uncomfortable cold.

Keeping Your Acworth, GA Home Warm Using Firewood

You can stay warm this winter by using firewood to heat your Acworth home. Assuming you have a fireplace, you can easily build fires using our high-quality, kiln-dried firewood. A wood-burning fire will produce a substantial amount of ambient heat that radiates throughout your home. And as long as you keep supplying it with new firewood, it will continue to burn.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Why a Fireplace Is a Better Way to Heat Your Acworth Home Than Central Heating

Even if your Acworth home is equipped with central heating, you should consider building fires in your fireplace this winter. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the average homeowner spends about $600 to heat his or her home each year. Whether your home has electric or gas central heating, using it to heat your home can be expensive. This is why most homeowners encounter higher monthly utility bills during the late fall and winter months. Using a fireplace, on the other hand, is an inexpensive and effective way to heat your Acworth home.

Not only is it cheaper to heat your Acworth home using a fireplace; it's also more relaxing and enjoyable. In most Acworth homes, the fireplace is a key focal point of the living room. When you're lounging in your living room, you'll probably be focused on the fireplace. By building fires here, it will create a more aesthetically pleasing focal point that compliments your home's decor. A wood-burning fire is attractive, relaxing and creates a unique ambiance that all Acworth homeowners are sure to appreciate.

Where to Buy Kiln-Dried Firewood in Acworth, GA

Because of it's relatively small size -- just over 28,000 residents, according to a recent census survey -- you may struggle to find firewood for sale in Acworth. However, we've simplified the process by providing premium, kiln-dried firewood to Acworth residents. Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, our delivery artisans will deliver firewood directly to your Acworth home. This means you don't have to worry about driving around Acworth in search of firewood for sale. Just head over to our order page, select the type of kiln-dried firewood that you'd like to purchase, and we'll deliver it straight to your doorstep. Our Fire Butler service will even take the burden off lighting and maintaining the fire off your shoulders.

Why Choose Kiln-Dried Firewood for Your Acworth Home

Not all firewood is made equal. For the best possible experience, it's recommended that you choose kiln-dried firewood for your Acworth home. Our kiln-dried firewood is dried 12 times longer than the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) standard. With a longer drying time, our firewood is easier to light and burns hotter than firewood sold by other vendors.

Ready to order kiln-dried firewood for your Acworth home? Visit our order page now. Cutting Edge Firewood is the industry's premier vendor of firewood and cooking wood.

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