Pizza Cut Cooking Wood


Want to make pizza in your backyard that gives your friends and family a true taste of Italy? Then make sure you use Cutting Edge Firewood’s premium pizza cut firewood.

Designed specifically for wood fired ovens, our Pizza Cut wood gives you the hottest and longest burns. We partnered with professional pizza chefs to find the perfect way to cut the wood, and learned that the best pizza crust comes with properly managed burn temperatures.

Temperature control in your oven is maximized by how hot you can get your flame. Our convenient pre-split wood eliminates all variables such as additional labor and drying, which gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re making your best pizza.

Pizza cut wood is made from Oak, and each piece is approximately 16” in length.

Choose your quantity of racks or boxes and then add to cart to begin your incredibly delicious pizza making experience. Cooking a lot of pizza? Scroll down for subscription options!

Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Box $69.00
Pizza Cut Cooking Wood Rack $299.00

Just came over to buy some firewood for my pizza oven and I want to let you know these guys are awesome. They sure know what they’re doing and you can go around behind your product. For sure the best in Atlanta.
Al Fernandez
Al Fernandez
17:28 27 Jul 19
This place is Amazing!A specially for me as a food lover👨‍🍳First time that I went In to that place and I was amazed from the large selection of wood burning type.It helps to fit it to any pizza oven or dish that you are trying to cook in your oven.They also have wood for fireplace.Great place and very expert too!
Eliad Vaknin
Eliad Vaknin
19:59 26 Jul 19
Awesome! Didn't have to lift a finger! More choices than I imagined, even got our gourmet wood chunks for the pizza oven!
Wendy Helms
Wendy Helms
19:22 20 Oct 18
Best firewood ever! Got the 24 inch hickory and pizza cut wood, along with 4x4 and 2x4 racks. Got home from work and everything had been delivered and set up perfectly! Fantastic product and service!
Kelly Miles
Kelly Miles
18:46 25 Aug 18
We have a pizza oven and this is the best firewood for a fast start, hot burning fire. It makes Friday nite pizza nite easy and fun! Delivery and service are outstanding, and the team at Cutting Edge is super professional and knowledgeable about just what type of wood works best!
RSVP Atlanta
RSVP Atlanta
01:13 01 Aug 18
These guys are terrific! They keep me stocked for my wood fired pizza business and pizza at home. Great service from order to delivery!
Ben Wilcox
Ben Wilcox
17:18 06 Jul 18
All firewood burns the same right?.. wrong! A day before I found CE on google I found a guy on FB market place selling firewood for a very low price and delivered to my house with a promise of a great hardwood and a good quality, the wood came in wet from the rain and I could not light it up, I was so disappointed and frustrated and started looking for a more reliable place to get firewood, came across CE on a google search and headed their way to pick up a load, I was expecting a backyard or fenced in parking lot with couple of hill Billy’s chopping wood but instead, I met this real nice guy and his wife and their kid in a very clean organized large warehouse running a business that it’s sole Proprietorship is selling firewood They specialize in all kind of woods from cooking in a pizza stove to green egg smoking and off course fireplace, the wood looks clean and sterile and has been kiln dried to extract all humidity. Needless to say, that night me and my family enjoyed and amazing fire both in our new pizza stove and fireplace and the wood was so easy to light, I would definitely come back for more loads and I recommend to any one who is in a search for good product and fair value.
David Jacov
David Jacov
02:57 13 Nov 17

Wood fired pizza is something special. With the Crispy crust, bold flavors, and the taste of Italy, it’s no wonder that wood fired pizza ovens are growing in popularity across the United States.

If you want to make the best tasting pizza, it starts with using the best quality pizza wood. As the wood burns in the oven and bakes your pizza, it releases flavor directly into your crust, cheese, and toppings.

Here at Cutting Edge, we provide the best pizza cut cooking wood available. We do this by kiln drying and seasoning our wood for 48 hours, ensuring you receive wood that is easy to light, burns hotter and longer, and is completely clean.

Unlike seasoned wood, Cutting Edge Firewood does not have mold, fungus, or pests in it. You can store it anywhere, and most importantly, you won’t be cooking your pizza over moldy wood.

All of this means that, when you cook pizza with Cutting Edge Firewood, you and your guests will be able to taste the difference.

Getting the temperature right is also important. That’s why we’ve designed our cooking wood to be the perfect size for cooking pizza.

Become a Pizza cooking legend in your neighborhood by choosing our Pizza Cut wood today.

Planning to cook a lot of pizza? Then make sure you try out one of our subscriptions – it’s super convenient and you’ll receive significant savings!

Love Pizza? Try our Exclusive Subscriptions

Did you know that subscriptions are available for our pizza cut cooking wood? It’s the most convenient way to keep your fire experiences going, and it offers substantial savings for local delivery customers. Subscriptions only require a 3 month commitment and come with plenty of great fire experiences. Learn more about subscriptions or select one below:

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