Pecan Smoking Chunks


Pecan Chunk cooking wood provides the perfect flavor for smoking and barbecue enthusiasts. A member of the Hickory family, Pecan burns hotter and longer, and it ignites quickly and easily. The size of the Pecan Chunk cooking wood is the perfect solution to achieve a delicious flavor in the smoker.

Our Pecan Chunks were featured in Garden and Gun magazine!

Cutting Edge smoking chunks are specifically designed for grills, smokers and any premium smoker, such as Primo grills or Big Green Egg.

The Standard Box is 8.5” x 8.5” x 8.5”, and has enough chunks for 8-12 meals. The Large Box is 19″ x 13.5″ x 13.5″, and has enough chunks for 40-55 meals.

Pecan Chunks receive complimentary shipping throughout the United States.

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Pecan Smoking Chunks - Small Box $69.00
Pecan Smoking Chunks - Large Box $199.00

The Story Behind our Pecan Chunks:

When Cutting Edge Firewood started searching for pecan chunks, our main goal was to provide the best possible flavor. We knew that the bigger the piece of wood, the greater the flavor would be. Chips don’t provide enough flavor and burn off too quickly, and pecan logs provided tons of flavor but do not fit inside most people’s smokers. We decided the best solution was to source logs and then cut them by hand into chunks.

We also wanted to provide chunks that were kiln dried. Many chunks available today are too green, which means they take longer to heat and produce more smoke (but not the flavorful kind). Seasoned pecan is basically rotting pecan that has become moldy, so that wouldn’t taste great or be particularly safe to consume. With Cutting Edge Firewood Pecan Chunks, the dry wood ensures a quick light and the great flavor of the smoke hits the meat immediately, ensuring the meat absorbs the most possible flavor.

We source all our pecan chunks from aged out of production pecan groves in South Georgia and Northern Florida. Pecan tends to rot quickly, so we kiln dry the pecan in Lake City, Florida. The location is close enough to the old pecan groves that the wood goes to the kiln within a couple of days of being cut down.

Once the firewood has gone through the vigorous Cutting Edge Firewood process, we send the wood to our headquarters in Norcross, GA. Every log goes through a selection process before being hand cut. First, we check to make sure it’s the perfect size, then we ensure there is no rot on the wood, and finally, we confirm that the log includes both heartwood and sapwood. Tree trunks are composed of both heartwood and sapwood, and the best possible flavor is only achieved when both of them are together.

Once we’ve selected the top pieces for optimal flavor, we hand cut the chunks and place them in our Cutting Edge Firewood boxes for customers all over the United States.

Try the Cutting Edge difference for yourself by ordering some pecan chunks today.

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