8″ Pecan Cooking Wood Splits

Transform your cooking with the delectable smoky flavor of our ultra-premium pecan wood splits. Each split is carefully inspected and hand-selected by our expert team to ensure that it meets our rigorous quality standards, so you can trust that you are getting an unmatched product every time you order from us.

BBQ aficionados know that pecan is their go-to wood for cooking. This is because the rich, smoky flavor of pecan pairs beautifully with a wide range of meats, from ribs to poultry. Our pecan wood lights quickly and produces just the right amount of smoke for optimal flavor, making it a popular choice among residential and commercial chefs alike. So why not try it for yourself and see the difference that using premium pecan wood splits can make to your dishes? Order yours today and elevate your cooking to the next level.

The 8” Pecan Cooking Wood Splits are available in two quantities:

  • The Standard Box
  • The Large Box
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The Story Behind our Pecan Splits:

Cutting Edge Firewood works with a number of BBQ teams and chefs. Many love our full sized cooking sticks and others prefer our wood chunks for smoking. But there are also professional cooks who love having something bigger than chunks but smaller than sticks.

Enter the cooking split. This 8″ long piece of pecan firewood packs a ton of flavor into a smaller piece. Like with our pecan chunks, we hand cut every split to the right dimensions, choosing the best cuts for the best flavor.

All of our cooking wood goes through a rigorous kiln drying process. Most cooking wood products today contain too much moisture, which means they take longer to heat and produce more black smoke. Seasoned pecan is basically rotting pecan that has become moldy, so that wouldn’t taste great or be particularly safe to consume. With Cutting Edge Firewood Pecan Splits, the dry wood ensures a quick light and the great flavor of the smoke hits the meat immediately, ensuring the meat absorbs the most possible flavor.

We source all our pecan splits from aged out of production pecan groves in South Georgia and Northern Florida. Pecan tends to rot quickly, so we kiln dry the pecan in Lake City, Florida. The location is close enough to the old pecan groves that the wood goes to the kiln within a couple of days of being cut down.

Try the Cutting Edge difference for yourself by ordering some pecan splits today.

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