Pecan Cooking Wood Rack


When it comes to barbecue cooking, no wood has been more trusted than pecan. This wood offers a smoky taste perfectly suited for meats such as ribs and poultry. Our quality pecan wood is popular amongst both restaurants and residential customers alike.

Our patent racks of pecan are 2′ wide and 4′ tall. View more details below.

We offer complimentary artisanal delivery service in Atlanta and can ship via freight nationwide. Order today to give your BBQ a competitive edge in it’s cooking!


Firewood Rack Service

Cutting Edge Firewood proudly offers firewood rack services nationwide.

  • If you live within our “local delivery network” (Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Greenville and greater metro areas) you will receive a metal rack personally delivered by our Artisans.
  • If you live outside of our “local delivery network” across the United States, our rack products will be shipped via a freight company in a wooden rack to the end of your driveway.  Upgrade to Cutting Edge Firewood Metal Rack is available via phone.

The story of our Pecan Cooking Wood

Unlike our other species of firewood, pecan is typically not used in fireplaces or fire pits. Instead, pecan is used specifically for cooking. It provides a unique and popular flavor that simply demands you cook with it.

When Cutting Edge Firewood started searching for pecan firewood, our main goal was to provide the best possible flavor. Lots of cooking wood available today is too green, which means it takes longer to heat and it produces more smoke (but not the flavorful kind).

Pecan rots very quickly, which means that seasoned pecan is basically rotting (and moldy) pecan. That wouldn’t taste great or be particularly safe to consume. For this reason, we determined to send the pecan firewood through our rigorous drying process as quickly as possible.

We source all our pecan wood from aged out of production pecan groves in South Georgia and Northern Florida. The kiln location is close enough to the old pecan groves, which ensures the wood goes through our drying process within a couple of days of being cut.

Our rigorous Cutting Edge Firewood drying process ensures the pecan will light quickly and that the great flavor of the smoke will hit the food immediately, enabling whatever you cook to absorb the most possible flavor.

Once dry, the wood gets sent to our headquarters in Norcross, GA. Every log goes through a hand selection process and is packaged as either a standard cut log (known as a “stick” in the bbq world) or hand cut into chunks.

During selection, we check to make sure it’s the perfect size, then we ensure there is no rot on the wood, and finally, we confirm that the log includes both heartwood and sapwood. Tree trunks are composed of both heartwood and sapwood, and the best possible flavor is only achieved when both of them are together.

Once we’ve selected the top pieces for optimal flavor, we place the chunks and sticks into boxes and racks that can be delivered or shipped throughout the United States.

Try the Cutting Edge difference for yourself by ordering some pecan cooking wood logs today.


This rack of pecan cooking wood includes:

  • Our 16″ standard cut pecan cooking wood
  • The rack is 2′ wide, 4′ tall, and 16″ deep
  • Local delivery customers receive our the firewood in our patent pending metal rack, complete with complimentary canvas cover. Racks that are shipped outside of our delivery zones receive firewood inside a wooden rack.


Cutting Edge Firewood Racks (Patent Protected) are a great choice for restaurants or customers who frequently cook with pecan wood and have a large smoker. Here are a few benefits of our racks of firewood:

  • Our metal racks are sturdy and perfect for displaying firewood.
  • Our canvas cover protects your firewood from the elements.
  • Racks can be displayed inside or outside. Delivery artisans can set your rack up in any location you choose.
  • Racks contain hundreds of pounds of the best pecan wood available – it will burn longer, hotter, and with less smoke. You will taste the difference!

If you have less room or don’t need as much firewood, then we suggest trying out a box of our pecan firewood or a box of our pecan chunks.

Additional information

Weight 330 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 24 × 48 in