Pecan Cooking Wood


When it comes to barbecue cooking, no wood has been more trusted throughout the years as pecan. With a similar taste to hickory without hickory’s overpowering bold flavor, this wood offers a smoky taste perfectly suited for meats such as ribs and poultry. Our quality cooking wood is made for both residential and restaurant cooking.

Cooking wood is available in a box or a rack. Boxes are great for occasional cooks or for taking on trips. Racks offer more wood for Pecan cooking wood enthusiasts.

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Pecan Cooking Wood Box $69.00
Pecan Cooking Wood Rack $299.00

Box of Pecan Wood

Box of Pecan Wood

Cutting Edge Firewood provides the best pecan cooking wood available – the best food deserves the best flavor!

We source all our pecan wood from aged out of production pecan groves in South Georgia and Northern Florida. Pecan tends to rot quickly, so we kiln dry the pecan in Lake City, Florida. The location is close enough to the old pecan groves that the wood goes to the kiln within a couple of days of being cut down.

Once the firewood has gone through the vigorous Cutting Edge Firewood treatment process, we send the wood to our headquarters in Norcross, GA. Every log goes through a selection process before placed into a box or rack. Some wood is hand cut into our pecan chunks, but for avid wood cooking enthusiasts we reserve full pieces of pecan cooking wood.

What makes our cooking wood unique? It’s easier to light, burns hotter and burns longer (which means you need less wood), creates less smoke and provides great flavor. And of course, we provide unparalleled service to our customers.

We do not sell seasoned firewood. Seasoned pecan is basically rotting pecan, and it might even have mold or be growing fungus. Therefore, it can’t provide the same flavor and may not even be safe to consume.

Pecan Cooking Wood Rack

Cooking Wood Rack

With Cutting Edge Firewood Pecan Chunks, the dry wood ensures a quick light and the great flavor of the smoke hits the meat immediately, ensuring the meat absorbs the most possible flavor.

Try the Cutting Edge difference for yourself by ordering some pecan cooking wood today.

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