Oak Firewood Box Subscription – Every other Week


The finest oak firewood for sale in Atlanta. Oak firewood creates the perfect first kiln-dried firewood experience. It lights quickly and has a long-lasting flame. Our cooking customers appreciate the results it yields when smoking foods. Every oak firewood product features a blend of red and white oak from southern forests. ARTISANAL QUALITY. Kindle a premium experience. We craft every piece of firewood with a focus on excellence. During the conditioning process, we let our oak firewood dry twelve times longer than the market standard. Our artisans put the utmost care into kiln drying so you can have a hot and enduring fire. PREMIUM WHITE GLOVE SERVICE. Only the best for our customers. Our clientele deserves the best firewood service available. When you order our products, you receive complimentary artisan delivery. Your Delivery Artisan will deliver and stack your order to your liking. You may even request assistance lighting your first fire.


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