Rack Subscription

$199.00 / month

The Firewood Rack Subscription is a convenient way to ensure your firewood rack is always stocked. When you start a subscription, we deliver one of our premium, metal firewood racks (4’ tall x 2’ wide), stacked full of the firewood you chose, covered with the canvas cover.

Every month, a Delivery Artisan will visit your home to refill or replace your Cutting Edge Firewood Rack. Used all your wood? Then we’ll replace the whole thing. Only used half? We’ll top it off. Want to try a different type of wood? Let us know and we’ll bring some along.

Subscriptions are convenient and offer substantial savings to fire enthusiasts – you’ll always be prepared for cold winter nights or for memorable outdoor fires. Rack subscriptions are $199 per month and only available in our local delivery areas. The minimum subscription period is only 3 months.


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What’s in the rack?

This rack of firewood includes enough kiln dried firewood for 15-25 fires. Specifications include:

  • Filled with whichever firewood or cooking wood you choose to subscribe to
  • The firewood rack is 2′ wide, 4′ tall, and 16″ deep
  • There is no start-up fee, and you receive your first firewood subscription order in our patent pending metal rack, complete with complimentary canvas cover.
  • We recommend purchasing a fire starter package to make lighting your firewood quick, easy, and convenient.

Why choose a rack?

Racks are a great choice for customers who frequently burn firewood. Whether you make fires inside our outside, for warmth or for fun, a rack of firewood gives you access to top quality firewood. Here are a few benefits of our racks of firewood:

  • Our metal racks are sturdy and perfect for displaying firewood.
  • Our canvas cover protects your firewood from the elements.
  • Racks can be displayed inside or outside. Delivery artisans can set your rack up in any location you choose.
  • Racks contain hundreds of pounds of the best firewood available – it will burn longer, hotter, and with less smoke.
  • Racks are sturdy and attractive.

If you have less room or don’t need as much firewood, then we suggest trying out our box subscription service.

Oak Firewood Rack Delivery

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