Extended Burn Oak Firewood Rack


Extended burn oak firewood is the same length as our standard cut but significantly thicker. Because the wood is thicker, it will burn for longer amounts of time. Extended burn pieces are harder to light, so it’s usually best to place them on top of some standard cut oak (16”) pieces that are already fully lit. Once you’ve added a couple extended burn pieces, however, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your fire for a few hours.

Remember, you will get the best experience when you start the fire with our standard cut Oak Firewood and then add the extended burn pieces.

The rack of extended oak is 2′ wide and 4′ tall with enough quality firewood to enhance 30-40 amazing fireside experiences. View more details below.


The Story Behind our Oak Firewood:

When people think of oak, they think of large, sturdy trees that last for centuries. As you can imagine, this durable and dependable wood makes for a consistent and reliable fireside experience.

We work with suppliers in both North Georgia and North Florida to source quality oak firewood. Like all of our firewood products, Cutting Edge oak undergoes the most rigorous drying process in the industry. Each piece is cut to specific dimensions and then cooked at 250 degrees for 48 hours, far exceeding FDA regulations.

This drying process ensures that every piece of oak delivered to our warehouse, and then to your home, is free of bugs, mold, and fungus. It also enhances the fireside experience by making the firewood easier to light, smoke less, and provide more heat and light.

Because we send fresh wood through the drying process, you can rest assured that the wood won’t be dirty or decomposing. It will be sturdy and durable, perfect for burning inside a luxury fire.

Extended burn oak is a great wood to display. It provides a fresh feel to the air, but thanks to the more subtle aroma, it won’t bother people with sensitive noses. The thicker cuts of wood make a statement, giving your display character and pieces that can proudly sit front and center. Since it’s been purified by our drying process, you can feel good storing the firewood both inside and out.

Our oak product is also safe for both indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. The low moisture content means you won’t experience creosote build-up in your chimney or experience smelly smoke sticking to your clothes.

Extended burn oak is harder to light than standard cut oak, so we typically recommend you first get the fire going nice and hot with our standard cut wood.   When you use the Cutting Edge Fire Starter package, you’ll only need one match and have a roaring fire within a matter of minutes. Then you can throw on an extended burn piece, sit back, and relax for a few hours as your fire brightly burns.

Why Extended Burn?

If you love having fires that last all day or night, then the extended burn pieces are a great fit. We recommend pairing the extended burn pieces with standard cut firewood. The standard cut pieces are much easier to light, but once the fire is going you can add an extended burn piece or two and then sit back to relax for a long time.

What’s in the rack?

This rack of firewood includes enough kiln dried extended burn oak pieces to enhance 30-40 fires. Specifications include:

  • Our extended burn pieces of oak (16″ long)
  • The Oak firewood rack is 2′ wide, 4′ tall, and 16″ deep
  • Local delivery customers receive our the firewood in our patent pending metal rack, complete with complimentary canvas cover. Racks that are shipped outside of our delivery zones receive firewood inside a wooden rack.
  • We recommend purchasing a fire starter package to make lighting your firewood quick, easy, and convenient.

Why choose a rack?

Extended burn oak is not available in boxes, but fortunately racks are a great choice for customers who frequently burn firewood. Whether you make fires inside our outside, for warmth or for fun, a rack of firewood gives you access to top quality firewood. Here are a few benefits of our racks of firewood:

  • Our metal racks are sturdy and perfect for displaying firewood.
  • Our canvas cover protects your firewood from the elements.
  • Racks can be displayed inside or outside. Delivery artisans can set your rack up in any location you choose.
  • Racks contain hundreds of pounds of the best firewood available – it will burn longer, hotter, and with less smoke.

Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 24 × 52 in
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