8″ Cooking Wood Splits Variety Pack – Large Box

Experience the full range of smoky flavors with our Cooking Wood Splits Variety Pack, featuring four of our favorite species – pecan, cherry, hickory, and oak. Each pack comes with a standard box of each wood in 8” splint size, perfect for smaller grills and smokers.

This variety pack is the ultimate gift for the backyard grill master in your life, offering the chance to experiment with a range of smoke flavor profiles and burn strengths to find their preferred wood. And with a value of $216 when bought separately, our bundle pricing of $159 makes it an affordable and luxurious choice. Elevate your cooking and grilling with our Cooking Wood Splits Variety Pack – order yours today.

Your 8” Cooking Wood Splits Variety Pack includes:

  • One standard box of 8” pecan cooking wood splits
  • One standard box of 8” cherry cooking wood splits
  • One standard box of 8” hickory cooking wood splits
  • One standard box of 8” oak cooking wood splits
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The Large sized Cooking Wood Splits Variety Pack is one of our most popular offerings. It makes a great gift for BBQ enthusiasts and is a popular hit all year round. Enjoy a variety of flavors and experience the Cutting Edge Firewood difference every time.

In this large variety box, we include 4 of our standard sized boxes. Each standard sized box is 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 8.5″ and packed with the best cooking wood splits available. Inside this large box you will find a standard box of pecan, oak, hickory, and cherry.

Pecan Cooking Splits: Pecan is a premium cooking wood that provides a sweet, rich and nutty flavor that complements practically any food. Pecan works great with roasts, briskets, and ribs and it’s also easy to ignite. Our Pecan cooking wood was even featured in Garden and Gun magazine!

Oak Cooking Splits: Oak is a classic go-to wood for meat smoking or grilling and is a smart choice for those who want to start experimenting with cooking wood. This wood does not have a particularly strong flavor, which makes it ideal for cooking brisket, beef, sausages, and pizza.

Hickory Cooking Splits offer a strong taste for either grilling or smoking. Often, chefs like to mix hickory with other cooking wood, so it’s the perfect match for our variety pack. Hickory is an excellent choice for grilling burgers, steaks, ribs, and bigger cuts of pork shoulders.

Cherry Cooking Splits: This mild fruit wood is perfect for smoking or grilling and has a sweet flavor that works particularly well with chicken, pork, ham, and turkey. It’s a very popular choice and another great one for people new to cooking wood splits.

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 16 in