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Cherry Smoking Chunks – Standard Box

How sweet it is – Cutting Edge Firewood’s Cherry Smoking Wood Chunks are a wonderful fruit wood for grilling or smoking. Cherry wood is a favorite for cooking because it provides a sweet flavor and rosy color to food. Cutting Edge smoking chunks are large and full of flavor, cut to the perfect size for backyard grills and smokers such as Primo grills, the Big Green Egg, or Kamado Joe.

If you love your food and think it deserves only the best, then treat it tenderly by cooking it over Cutting Edge Firewood’s cherry cooking wood chunks.

The Standard Box is 8.5” x 8.5” x 8.5”, and has enough chunks for 8-12 meals. It also includes 4 excelsiors and a box of matches. We also offer a large box of cherry chunks that has about 4 times the amount of chunks.

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The Story Behind our Cherry

Cherry cooking wood can be tough to find in most parts of the world, and that’s why we source Cutting Edge Cherry Firewood from the state of Florida. Cherry grows quickly and efficiently in Florida, making it a more sustainable source for this popular cooking wood. When you choose Cutting Edge, you won’t have to imitate George Washington and chop down one of your most beautiful trees to enjoy the benefits of cherry firewood.

Freshly cut cherry is delivered to our kiln drying partner in North Florida within a matter of days. This prevents any decomposition and ensures the cherry remains strong and sturdy. It then goes through the most rigorous drying process in the industry, ensuring that our cherry wood is dry and free from bugs, mold, and fungus.

When cherry is arrives at our warehouse, our team hand selects and cuts the finest pieces of cherry to be used as cooking chunks. Each piece is large and will provide flavor for hours at a time in your cook.

Cherry is a popular wood cooking wood because it adds a sweet smell and beautiful rosy color to meat, vegetables, and anything else you put on the grill or smoker. Cherry goes well with just about anything, it’s a great fruit wood for any occasion.

You’ll love cooking with our cherry chunks, so place your order today! Cherry Chunks receive complimentary shipping throughout the United States.

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions8.5 × 8.5 × 8.5 in