Cherry Firewood Box


The most luxurious cherry firewood for sale in Atlanta. Our favorite choice for cooking. Cherry wood has a distinct aroma that is adored by firewood connoisseurs and casual burners alike. It has a shorter and cooler flame than our oak and hickory products. A cherry fire brightly lights up warm spring, summer and autumn nights. ARTISANAL QUALITY. Experience a fire like no other. An outstanding fire experience requires excellence to the highest degree. It demands dry firewood free from mold and pests. We perfected our kiln drying process to offer products that exceed industry expectations. Every piece of wood we sell undergoes a process twelve times more intensive than the market benchmark. PERSONALIZED SERVICE. We care about your experience. When you purchase one of our products, you receive complimentary white glove delivery. Our Delivery Artisans will bring your wood to your home and stack it the way you request. Customers who are new to firewood may also ask for assistance lighting their first fire.


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