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Apple Smoking Wood Chunks

You can thank Johnny Appleseed for our delicious apple smoking chunks. With its all-American pedigree and subtly-sweet smoke, these premium smoking chunks are a great choice for adding a crowd-pleasing flavor to your backyard cooking. At Cutting Edge, we pride ourselves on providing the best smoking chunks on the market. Our apple smoking chunks are carefully dried and hand-inspected by our expert team to ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards. So why settle for mediocre flavor when you can elevate your grilling and smoking experience with Cutting Edge apple smoking chunks? Order yours today and taste the difference.

Our chunks range in size from 1-4” diameter, and are sold in two quantities:

  • The Standard Box, with enough chunks for up to 12 meals
  • The Large Box, with enough chunks for up to 55 meals
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The Story Behind our Apple Smoking Wood Chunks

Apple trees can be found throughout the United States. Everyone knows that apples themselves taste sweet and are perfect for pies, apple sauce, or simply on their own.

The wood from apple trees carries that same sweet flavor, but you’d have trouble eating the apple wood. Fortunately, when you cook with apple wood the incredible flavor gets absorbed into your food! The key to getting the best flavor is to choose apple wood that is dense, clean, and dry.

We ensure all of our apple wood meets these qualifications by putting it through the most rigorous drying process in the industry. After spending 48 hours in a kiln at 250 degrees, our apple wood has no bugs or mold, and it is dry and dense. The dry wood allows it to ignite quickly, and the density of the hard wood allows the wood to burn for longer periods of time. Say goodbye to musty flavors from damp wood, and start enjoying food cooked over apple wood the way it was meant to be!

When the apple arrives at our warehouse, our team hand selects and cuts the finest pieces of apple to be used as cooking chunks. Each piece is large and will provide flavor for hours at a time in your cook.

Apple is a popular wood cooking wood because it adds a sweet aroma and flavor to whatever you choose to cook.

You’ll love cooking with our apple chunks, so place your order today!

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