Early Americana Andiron


The Early Americana Andiron set is a traditional and luxurious way to display and burn firewood in your fireplace year round. These timeless supports are made by the Southern Andiron & Tool Company and are built to last a lifetime.

For a classic look and feel to your fireplace, order the Early Americana Andiron today. We offer complimentary shipping throughout the United States.

The Early Americana offers a traditional and memorable way to enjoy your fire. Andirons first became popular in America in the 1600’s, and this set is a tribute to our forefathers who hand crafted them for a better fire experience. These andirons look great year round, and they are an efficient method for lighting and burning fires. They also make it much easier to clean your fireplace!

Early American Andirons with Fire

The Early Americana Andirons are hand-forged here in Atlanta. They are crafted with care and precision, built to last for generations. They can be passed on as heirlooms and their timeless look and feel tell an incredible story of American history. Your family will love connecting around the fireplace again, reconnecting with our heritage, and the beauty of every fire.

Fireside experiences are meant to be memorable, and if you choose to partner Cutting Edge Firewood with the Early Americana Andiron, you won’t be disappointed. Like everything we offer, this andiron is of unmatched quality.

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