24″ Length Cherry Firewood


There is a reason George Washington cut down his father’s cherry tree: it makes for some incredible firewood! Cherry displays beautifully, burns less hot than hickory or oak, and it offers a sweet aroma that will provide your home with a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests alike.

Our standard cut of cherry is 16 inches, but this 24 inch, extended length firewood is ideal for oversized fireplaces and fire pits. You’ll need more space to store it, but extended length pieces look very impressive both on display and while lit. 

One order will fill 4’ x 4’ rack (not included). View more details below.

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The firewood is amazing. I love the smell of the cherry firewood. You can choose from many different options. It’s perfect for celebrating the holidays with your family, or any other time.I highly recommend Cutting Edge Firewood.
Starla Medders
Starla Medders
17:59 08 Nov 19
I met the owner of Cutting Edge Firewood at a party at a friend’s house. Not only were they there until very late (early?) helping keep the fires burning, they were taking potential customer names. They followed up with me immediately and I wound up taking delivery not only of a rack of cherry but also a fire pit. The wood is of such high quality that it is without compare...and the service is top notch. I’ve discovered that firewood is like about anything else...you get what you pay for. If you are looking for cheap wood, this is not for you (and I’m talking to you, miss 1-star review lady), but if you are looking for bespoke firewood and great service, then give them a call!
West Johnson
West Johnson
00:57 09 Apr 19
Awesome smoking wood. Love the hickory, pecan, and cherry.
19:58 22 Oct 18
What an incredible buying experience! Customer service to the next level! Ordering was super easy. Delivery was top notch and the wood is insane! So pumped to be burning the cherry and hickory in our ole hickory pit! Thanks again Leroy & crew!
Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane
12:55 15 Jul 18
The cherry smoking chunks are hands down the best I’ve ever used. After smoking meat on a Weber Grill and a Kamado Joe for 12 years, I’ve now found the only smoking chunks I’ll ever use.
Aaron Toly
Aaron Toly
23:12 03 Jul 18

The Story Behind our Cherry Firewood:

Cherry firewood can be tough to find in most parts of the world, but that’s why we source Cutting Edge Cherry Firewood from the state of Florida. Cherry grows quickly and efficiently in Florida, making it a more sustainable source for this popular firewood. When you choose Cutting Edge, you won’t have to chop down one of your most beautiful trees to enjoy the benefits of cherry firewood.

Freshly cut cherry is delivered to our kiln drying partner in North Florida within a matter of days. This prevents any decomposition and ensures the cherry remains strong and sturdy. It then goes through the most rigorous drying process in the industry, ensuring that our cherry firewood is dry and free from bugs, mold, and fungus.

When cherry is delivered to your home, the first thing you’ll notice is the unmatched aroma. Whether on display or while burning, cherry fills your home or yard with a sweet smell you will appreciate throughout the year.

And cherry looks amazing while on display. The bright red center and the light colored exterior work together like a work of art. If you display firewood in your home, then our cherry will truly become something you can be proud to show and share. These 24″ in particular are something special – if you have a larger display area then you can’t go wrong!

But of course, the real magic begins when you light the first match. Burning cherry firewood ignites the senses – creating a fresh fragrance and delighting the eyes with bright dancing flames.

Cherry burns less hot than oak and hickory, making it an excellent choice for fires on warmer days. Like all of our products, Cutting Edge Cherry will create less smoke, light more easily, and last longer than other firewood.

Cherry is also a popular wood to mix with oak. Oak firewood burns a bit hotter and longer than cherry, but has a less distinct aroma. Combine them together to enjoy the fragrance of cherry with the burn time of oak.

What’s in the order?

The 24″ cherry firewood is too heavy for our standard 2′ wide, 4′ tall racks. Instead, we use wooden racks that are about 3′ tall with extended length wood sticking out on both sides. One order includes 4 of these wooden racks and is enough wood to fill a 4′ x 4′ wide metal rack (with some extra wood to spare).

If you are a local delivery customer, our delivery artisans will stack the firewood inside your existing rack or we can bring you a new rack. We recommend purchasing a fire starter package to make lighting your firewood quick, easy, and convenient.

Orders that are shipped outside of our delivery zones will receive firewood on a palette. For shipping customers, We highly recommend our ultimate 24″ package (pictured to the right), which also includes 2 fire starter packages, a hand truck, and complimentary shipping. You can even choose to mix 24″ pieces of cherry with hickory, oak, or uncut rounds.

If you prefer our standard cut (16″) firewood, then we suggest trying out a box of our cherry or rack of cherry firewood.

Our Ultimate 24″ Shipping Package

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