Let’s say that you happen to live in Alexandria, Virginia, and you’re trying to find top quality firewood—Cutting Edge Firewood, a firewood delivery Alexandria VA company, has developed a positive reputation in the community as people who understand firewood and how to get you the best deal on it.

What Makes Alexandria, Virginia, Unique?

Alexandria has a subtropical climate that enjoys mild to chilly winters. Alexandria, Virginia, has a George Washington monument that took 10 years to build. It’s worth checking out! During World War II, Alexandria had a torpedo and ammunitions factory that today is one of the biggest visual arts centers in the world. You have more than 160 artists who have had their works displayed here, and the center has over 2,000 art students. You have 112 parks throughout the city.

Why Does Quality Firewood Matter?

Having a premium firewood Alexandria VA company to sell you good firewood is important. The quality of the firewood will be a huge factor in how much heat it generates and for how long your firewood burns. You’re better off buying top-notch firewood because it lasts longer.

What is Quality Firewood?

Quality firewood will be pest-free, and it won’t have any mold on it. If you notice mold on the firewood, check to see if it’s a surface mold. In those cases, let the mold dry and brush it off. Don’t put moldy firewood in the fireplace because it can spread the mold spores throughout your home. Another one of the big signs of quality firewood is that you don’t have as much moisture in it. You can tell that you have dried firewood based on the sound it makes when you strike two pieces together. If the sound is dull, this means you still have a high moisture content in the wood. On the other hand, if you hear a high-pitched noise, this shows you that the firewood has dried. In addition, you can tell based on the color of the wood. Dried firewood won’t have a green look to it. It will either be brown, tan or a more neutral color.

Why You Should Experience Cooking with Wood?

At least once in their lives, everyone should experience cooking with firewood. For one thing, it gives the food an even better flavor than if you were to cook with coal. In addition, the smoke that gets produced from the wood fire and goes onto the food will have more of a curing effect on your food. As the wood burns, it releases chemical compounds like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur and nitrogen. This gives your food a flavor taste that you can’t get anywhere else. We have a wide selection of woods for cooking over the fire, but some of the cooking woods that we recommend include:

  • Cherry
  • Pecan
  • White Oak
  • Mesquite
  • Maple
  • Alder

With our kiln-dried firewood Alexandria VA company, you can check us out online to see what kind of woods we have for cooking over the fire. Our experts are more than happy to assist. If you want intense flavors for smoked meat, you might pick mesquite because it packs an intense flavor. You might do red meat as a way of getting the most flavor from it. On the other hand, if you were to cook with cherry, you will enjoy a mild and fruity flavor. You can also mix cherry with hickory, and the two flavors will complement each other. Now if you were to cook with pecan, you will enjoy a nutty flavor that has a hint of sweetness to it. In fact, it can make the meat so sweet that you may even want to combine it with one of the harder woods like oak to balance it out.

How to Store Firewood Correctly

Every species of wood will have different durations of drying. When storing the wood, even when you buy it from a kiln-dried firewood Alexandria VA company, you want to keep the firewood off the ground because this prevents moisture and bacteria from getting into the wood. This will cause it to decay much faster. You also shouldn’t store firewood indoors. It is better to only bring in a set amount of firewood for the home. This is because firewood attracts creatures like spiders, termites and other creatures that you probably don’t want inside your home. You could also attract mice in the home as they hide inside the wood pile. You also want to keep the firewood stored in an area safe and away from places where children and pets might frequent because you don’t want the firewood to topple over. Another risk is the snakes or spiders that lurk in the woodpile and make it into a home. They could be dangerous to your child.

Save on Energy This Year

If you’re looking to save on energy, you might use a wood burning stove or a fireplace. For those who use a fireplace, you might consider a fireplace insert installation to keep the heat from getting lost through the chimney. An insert uses a cast-iron or steel box that you fit into the masonry of your fireplace. This will turn it into more of a wood burning stove.

Are you interested in getting some firewood for this upcoming winter? If so, we invite you to contact Cutting Edge Firewood. Our company will work with you. We will deliver firewood straight to your door for the extra level of convenience. In this way, you don’t even have to pick it up, put it in the truck and haul it to your location. We will take on this for you.