Let’s say that you just moved into a new home in Chattanooga, Tennessee. You might be wondering where you can buy from a firewood Chattanooga company, and we’re here to help you with this process.

We have a wide selection of firewood, and we can meet a variety of needs for customers in this way. Selecting quality firewood right from the beginning can help your wood stove or fireplace to burn more cleanly and more effectively.

In general, you want to avoid burning wet wood or green wood because this can cause smoke problems and odor problems.

Why Choose Kiln Dried Wood

Having a Chattanooga company deliver kiln dried firewood straight to your door can make a big difference. This wood produces less creosote, which can turn flammable inside of a chimney when it builds up. Let’s say that you burned green wood that hasn’t been dried. Because much of the water hasn’t evaporated, this can lead to gallons of acidic water getting deposited into your chimney.

When we consider what wood is, you have bundles of microscopic tubes that get used for transporting water. Even after a tree has long died, the tubes can stay full of water even years later. This is why you have to dry it out in the sun or buy from a kiln dried firewood Chattanooga company. When the wood gets split, it exposes more of the surface area to the wind and the sun. One sign of kiln dried firewood is that the coloring of the wood will be darkened, and it will have cracks and splits in it to show this.

How to Store Firewood Correctly

You must store your firewood correctly because you can ruin good firewood with improper storage. If possible, you should store the firewood off the ground because this protects it from getting mold. In a perfect world, you’d store it inside of a woodshed where you have a roof, but you have open sides for air circulation. This promotes drying of the wood. The second best place is to store the wood in a sunny location. However, you want to buy a tarp to cover it for those rainy and snowy days in Tennessee. When good weather arrives, remove the tarp to allow for the air to circulate throughout the wood and keep moisture from getting trapped inside.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Firewood?

In general, it takes between six months to a year to dry firewood. It depends on the species of tree. Another advantage is that you can expect wood to last anywhere from three years to four years before it starts to rot and go bad. You might buy from a kiln-dried firewood Chattanooga company as a way of supplementing your own firewood supply. For example, let’s say that you just chopped some firewood. It will take anywhere from six months to a year before it will mature to quality firewood, which is why it can be useful to buy in the meantime.

How to Buy Firewood

Buying from a firewood Chattanooga company, the most common way of buying is known as buying by the cord. Some of the firewood terms you could hear used include rick, cord or truckload. What does a standard cord look like? The measure for a standard cord of firewood is 8 feet long by 4 feet tall and 4 feet deep. With a rick of firewood, this can vary based on the vehicle used, so it’s important that you speak with the seller in advance to understand the measurements. A rick gets defined as simply a pile, which leaves a lot of room for ambiguity. One trick that you can use is to pay the firewood seller some extra money for stacking the wood. However, as part of the agreement, you tell him that you will only pay him when the wood measures up to the pre-agreed upon amount.

The Best Firewood Tips

Understanding firewood can help your experience to become more positive. For example, even more important than the wood species is that the wood is dry enough to burn. Even if you were to burn green wood outside, it will still produce a lot of smoke and not as much heat as desired, which is why you want it to sit for a while. In addition, you should never burn any type of construction scraps, whether it’s from the landscaping ties or from a deck. This is because when materials like this get burned, they release noxious gases that can be poisonous to your health. If you ever did decide to burn green firewood in the fireplace, be certain to have it checked more often than normal because the buildup of creosote can be dangerous.

What About Artificial Logs?

Many people have had questions surrounding the artificial logs and how they burn. In general, convenience becomes the greatest strength of them. When time becomes an issue, they might be a reasonable choice of fuel. However, exercise caution when moving them around or poking them as they burn because this can cause the log to break up into many pieces and quickly get out of control.

If you’re looking for a firewood delivery Chattanooga company, Cutting Edge Firewood is a company that has your back. We will support you. You can buy from us online, and we will have the firewood shipped straight to you via freighter. For those who’d like to learn more, we’d love the opportunity to work with you.