One of the great pleasures of Chicago in the wintertime is sitting round the fireplace with family members, friends and a favorite beverage, watching the flames flicker and dance. Sourcing good firewood can be difficult, though. Many local vendors sell green wood that’s scavenged from trees local landscapers have cut down. You can get high-quality kiln-dried firewood Chicago, though. Cutting Edge Firewood sells premium hickory, oak and cherry wood splits. Our firewood has been kiln-dried so that it lights quickly, is absolutely free of pests or mold, and produces less creosote buildup than other types of wood. Our firewood deliver Chicago service means that we will bring your firewood straight to your door, which saves you the hassle of transporting it from a local vendor.

About Chicago, Illinois

The poet Carl Sandburg dubbed Chicago “Player with Railroads and the Nation’s Freight Handler,” a designation the Windy City still merits even though the poem was written more than a century ago. The city is an important international hub for transportation as well as for commerce and industry, and more than 2,700,000 people call it home. After the Great Fire of 1871 destroyed large parts of the city, Chicago utilized new building styles to reinvent itself, becoming one of the first cities to sport a steel-framed skyscraper skyline in the early years of the 20th century. The Windy City is also an important cultural center that’s closely associated with quintessentially American art forms such as jazz, hip-hop, the blues, gospel and standup comedy.

Premium Firewood Chicago

Chicago is famous for its rough winters. Temperatures stay well below freezing for the most part between December and March. Blizzards are commonplace, and in an average year, snowfall exceeds three feet. One of the keys to thriving during these cold, dark months is getting together with friends and family members as often as possible. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, your loved ones will enjoy sitting around a fire with you.

Cutting Edge Firewood ships firewood straight to your home so that you’ll never have to worry about running out. We’re passionate about firewood, and that passion shows in our product: We sell kiln-dried firewood Chicago that’s been specially treated in a high-temperature oven for a full 48 hours. Our firewood is also great for use in fire pits and in wood-burning stoves. You’ll have the option of choosing between hickory, oak and cherry wood splits.

Building the Perfect Fire

Few things are more frustrating than fireplace flames that keep going out or produce so much smoke that your eyes begin to sting. Here are some tips for building a perfect fire:

Your firewood should be as dry as possible. This will not only make your fire easier to light, it will also cut down on the amount of smoke and creosote your flames produce.

Make sure your fireplace is clean. Shovel out any ashes into a metal container, and store that container outside away from your house. Ashes are combustible, so you’ll want to keep them well away from fire.

Prime your chimney flue by leaving the damper open for approximately one-half hour before you start your fire.

Start your fire with newspaper and kindling. Stack your kindling in a crisscross pattern so that your fire will have sufficient ventilation. Twigs and sticks from your backyard won’t really do the trick because chances are they’ll contain too much moisture to light properly. The kindling Cutting Edge Firewood sells has been conditioned just as thoroughly as our premium firewood Chicago so that it’s extremely dry and very easy to light. Newsprint is preferable to magazine because magazine pages contain noxious chemicals.

• Once your kindling catches fire, begin adding dry splits. Cutting Edge Firewood’s 16-inch splits are the perfect length for most fireplaces. For oversized fireplaces, we also sell 24-inch and 30-inch splits. Either add the splits in a crisscross arrangement or place them upright like a teepee. There needs to be enough space between the splits so that air can get through them. Oxygen feeds flames.

Now it’s time to put your fire screen in place and to sit back and enjoy your fire. The stress-reducing properties of a blazing fire are real: Scientists have discovered that dreaming by a fire can reduce your blood pressure by as much as 5 percent.

Premium Firewood Chicago

When you rely on Cutting Edge Firewood’s firewood deliver Chicago, firewood will be available any time you want to enjoy your fireplace. You won’t have to worry about tracking down a local vendor, and you can be certain that your firewood is comprised of high-quality hardwoods. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about out unique kiln-drying process or firewood deliver Chicago, so call Cutting Edge Firewood today at (678) 878-2434.