As summer gets underway, you’re probably starting to look forward to evenings around the fire pit with your family, enjoying the company and the warm weather. However, the presence of mold in your firewood can have negative consequences that extend far beyond a single Saturday night around the campfire. In fact, you may end up paying dearly for the mold-containing firewood–in terms of both your cleaning bills and your family’s health. Read on to learn
Have you ever heard advertisers use phrases like “applewood smoked” or “woodfire grilled?” You probably have, and it’s because using cooking firewood is the best way to prepare delicious barbecue. Wood-fire cooking is also trending upward in America, but chefs at the best barbecue joints in the world have been using this method long before it was cool. Cooking over a wood fire has a host of benefits, but they all boil down to two
People have been smoking meats for thousands of years. This ancient practice began before the days of refrigerators and freezers, when humans had to find creative ways to preserve their food. Today, people smoke their meats for the unique flavor it brings. Smoking is also an effective means to tenderize meat and can turn an ordinary cut into a delicious meal. The first step on the journey to delicious smoked meats is to get yourself
how to make the best s'mores
There are few desserts that can conjure up images of summer quite like s’mores. S’mores are a classic summer treat, so if you’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to spend time around your fire pit with friends and family this season, the odds are good that s’mores have been your go-to dessert. Although it’s practically impossible to ever truly get tired of eating s’mores, the same old combination of plain graham crackers, chocolate, and
When it comes to fireside cooking, there’s almost no chance that you’ll end up disappointed with the flavor. Gourmet cooking firewood options like cherry and pecan impart a unique flavor that adds nuance to any dish–whether you’re grilling a steak, making healthy kebabs, roasting marshmallows, or just roasting up a classic hot dog. However, making great fireside food isn’t just about flavor. In the age of food-photo-sharing on social media, the presentation of the food can be just as