October is National Fire Prevention Awareness Month, a time to be mindful of the importance of safety when building fires. Fall fires are relaxing and entertaining, and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an unmatched firewood experience that begins with safety. Here are 3 tips to ensure your fire burning experience goes off without a hitch.   1. Use natural fire starters. The safest way to start a fire is to use all natural
The Experience Are you looking for “firewood for sale near me” or for a firewood delivery? What you are really looking for is the best firewood experience. The best fire experiences come from the easiest, cleanest and longest-lasting fires. Kiln dried firewood like ours (conditioned for 48 hours, 12 times the USDA requirements for kiln dried woods) is pest and fungus free, and burns brighter, longer, and with less smoke than any other firewood available.