When it comes to fireside cooking, there’s almost no chance that you’ll end up disappointed with the flavor. Gourmet cooking firewood options like cherry and pecan impart a unique flavor that adds nuance to any dish–whether you’re grilling a steak, making healthy kebabs, roasting marshmallows, or just roasting up a classic hot dog. However, making great fireside food isn’t just about flavor. In the age of food-photo-sharing on social media, the presentation of the food can be just as
When you think of a soft evening fire, what do you picture? Most people would think of a cozy evening with their friends and family surrounding a warm, glowing fire. Fires are meant to be shared, and what better way to share a fire with the special people in your life than with a decorative fire pit from Cutting Edge Firewood. Research shows that outdoor fireplaces or fire pits are the number one requested design feature 
The average person may not think to order firewood during the spring and summer months, but all those summer nights just wouldn’t be the same without a comforting fire for a special experience. Late night summer fires can create lasting memories with friends of roasting marshmallows, exchanging stories and having some cold drinks. However, one thing that can make all the difference is the firewood you are burning. Imagine relaxing in your home or backyard
firewood pit and accessories infront of large white home
How firewood accessories can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. Firewood accessories can be exactly what your home needs to give it that rustic, cozy feel you’re looking for. Cutting Edge Firewood accessories are not only practical; they also look fantastic in any home.   The firewood itself is beautiful, but the addition of a designer fire iron, handcrafted steel firewood tongs or a firewood stand can make a world of difference. Including
Summertime is wedding season! In the summer, outdoor weddings (and associated events) are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of getting married in a church and renting a hall for the reception, more couples than ever are choosing weddings in the backyard or at another outdoor venue. Having your wedding outdoors can provide a more rustic aesthetic and an intimate atmosphere, and one way to enhance the mood is to incorporate a fire pit into your wedding events. Whether