Don’t waste your hard-earned money on low-quality firewood that’s difficult to light and produces minimal heat. Invest in premium kiln-dried firewood to achieve brighter, warmer and longer-lasting fires. If you live in Fair Oaks, we can deliver kiln-dried oak, hickory or cherry firewood — as well as premium cooking wood — to your home. Cutting Edge Firewood is the area’s leading vendor of premium kiln-dried firewood, serving residents in Fair Oaks and the surrounding Atlanta communities.  
When using a fireplace, a wood-burning stove or a fire pit at your Fairburn home, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of high-quality firewood. The right firewood will allow you to create hotter, longer-lasting fires that produce less smoke. And while hunting down high-quality firewood may sound like a chore, we’ve simplified the process by providing an on-demand delivery service to Fairburn and the surrounding Greater Atlanta Area. When you purchase firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood, one
Want to know the secret to building the brightest, hottest and longest-lasting fires at your Emerson home? It’s using the right type of firewood. Many homeowners are guilty of using low-quality firewood with which to build their fires. Whether it’s a softwood variety like pine or a hardwood that hasn’t been properly dried, low-quality firewood such as this isn’t recommended. Even if you’re able to light it, it won’t produce the same heat and brightness
Unmatched Product Our kiln dried firewood is conditioned for 48 hours, 12 times the USDA requirements for kiln-dried woods. It’s pest and fungus free, and burns brighter, longer, and with less smoke than any other firewood available. Kiln Dried Wood minimizes chimney/flu creosote buildup. It also minimizes dangerous emissions. Breathe easier knowing you are burning the cleaner choice with Cutting Edge Firewood. Unparalleled Service Our Delivery Artisans deliver perfectly stacked firewood to the location of
There are many different places you can obtain firewood. You can find it outside your local grocery store, on street-corner lots–even in your backyard. But when you source firewood from these places, it rarely, if ever, results in a one-match fire. Ordinary firewood is often saturated with moisture, making it difficult to light. That type of firewood is also a frequent host to fungus and pests, which can make their way into your home. Even