In an earlier post, we talked about what the term “seasoned” firewood really means, as well as the many downsides of choosing seasoned firewood over kiln-dried options. Nevertheless, if you’re the do-it-yourselfer type, seasoning your own firewood can sound like a fun summertime project to complement your regular firepit get-togethers. In reality, seasoning your own firewood or choosing a non-store supplier of seasoned firewood can be a serious mistake. There are many possible pitfalls when
June is finally here, which means that you can count on warm, pleasant evening in the Atlanta area for the next few months. As you’re dreaming about a relaxing evening around the firepit, you also have to think about what it takes to get the fire going. And no matter what your experience level, lighting your firepit can present a major challenge, especially early in the season. If this is your first summer with an
When you start exploring firewood options, you’re bound to hear horror stories about “seasoned” firewood. Whether you’re talking to a longtime firepit enthusiast or a new users who just installed their first firepit, almost anyone who has tried seasoned firewood can testify to its many downsides. But what exactly is “seasoned” firewood, and how is it different from the other types of firewood you might choose? What Is Seasoned Firewood? Put simply, saying that wood
As an outdoor enthusiast, you love spending the warm Atlanta nights with your friends and family around the firepit in your backyard. Even in a suburban area, the aroma of hickory smoke can make you feel closer to nature. At the same time, you’re probably also aware of the growing threats to the natural environment. In light of concerns about climate change and pollution, you’re probably already taking steps to lower your environmental footprint, like
Memorial Day Weekend has finally arrived! It’s the unofficial start to summer, which means that the next few months will be ideal for spending evenings with your friends and family around your firepit. This three-day weekend offers an ideal opportunity to plan ahead for your summer and make sure that you are well-prepared to make the most of your firepit. Here are three items you should put on your to-do list as the summer gets