• Houston is the most populous city in the beautiful state of Texas and is fairly warm year-round. However, with chilly days, football season, and a love for the outdoors, it’s no wonder you see fireplaces and firepits throughout Houston. If you live in Houston and are wondering what kind of
  • Dallas is a beautiful metropolis in Texas that is blessed with warm weather. And even though it is fairly warm year-round, it can still have those cold snaps and chilly nights, which means you have a lot of options to enjoy fires! Whether your home has an indoor fireplace or
  • San Diego, California, is known for its amazing weather and multitude of things to do. And even though it is warm year-round, there are a lot of options to enjoy fires. Whether your home has an indoor fireplace or the increasingly popular outdoor fireplaces, you can enjoy a cozy fire,
  • San Antonio is a wonderful city in the great state of Texas and is fairly warm year-round. Even though it is warm year-round, there are still chilly days that creep in. Many homes have fireplaces in them and outdoor firepits are also popular in San Antonio. If you live in
  • The beauty and the warmth of a good fire is unlike any other and that is why having a fireplace in a home is a “must-have” for many home owners and buyers. When thinking of LA, you don’t typically think of a roaring fire to keep you warm on a
  • Ranking the Best Campfires from Classic Movie Scenes
    For thousands of years, fire has been a staple of mankind’s existence. I mean, who doesn’t love hanging out around a good fire? Which partially explains why the campfire is a hallmark in so many classic movies. But has anyone ever really examined Hollywood’s fires? Or ranked them? Or even
  • how to smoke a brisket video
    Welcome to the 6th episode of Becoming a Backyard BBQ Master! Today is the big one – the super bowl of backyard bbq and my graduation ceremony. Today, I attempt to smoke a brisket. I’ve always felt like brisket smoking is more advanced. Brisket is something I order at a
  • Kiln Dried Firewood Near Lake Wylie, South Carolina
    Lake Wylie residents and tourists, we’ve got some great news for you: Cutting Edge Firewood is now delivering our best-in-class, kiln dried firewood to your neck of the woods!  Located in York County on the border of North and South Carolina, Lake Wylie is a gorgeous, man-made lake with a
  • Herbs and Spices for Grilling
    Any outdoor chef – whether they’re professional or a home cook – will tell you that the right spices are one of the most important parts of cooking a great dish. Even if you cook the perfect rack of ribs or fry up the most well-cooked piece of chicken, it’s
  • It’s an exciting time here at Cutting Edge Firewood. We’re growing quickly and hiring lots of wonderful new people. Customer service is a foundation for our business, and it makes our delivery artisan service such a memorable experience. We thought it would be fun to release a series of posts
  • Pizza on Kamado Grill, Big Green Egg, Primo
    It’s time for the 5th episode of Becoming a Backyard BBQ Master! Today I’m going to show you how to make my favorite food on the planet: wood fired pizza! We’ll be cooking the pizza on a kamado grill (the Primo XL400). You can follow the advice and guidance in
  • why is my fire so smokey
    It’s a cool night and you have everyone gathered around the fire. You strike the first match, dreaming of the glorious blaze that will soon ignite everyone’s imagination. But instead, nothing but thick smoke billows from your carefully built fire. People step away from the fire so they can breathe,