Not all smokers rely strictly on wood or charcoal to produce heat. Some use an electrically powered heating element to cook food at a safe and desirable temperature. Known as an electric smoker, it’s a popular alternative to a traditional wood smoker. But if you’re thinking about buying a new smoker, you should familiarize yourself with both types to determine which one is right for your outdoor culinary activities. What Is a Wood Smoker? The
Do you struggle to prevent your skewers from burning to ash when grilling kebabs? You aren’t alone. This is a common problem encountered by countless home chefs. As your charcoal or cooking wood burns, it may ignite your skewers. When this occurs, you may discover some of your food falling through the grate and onto your charcoal or wood. With a little planning, however, you can prevent your skewers from burning. Use Bamboo, Not Wood
Whether you are grilling or smoking, you’ll need a bed of hot charcoal to cook your food. You can still add cooking wood or smoking chunks for better flavor, but charcoal will provide the heat required to cook your food. Unfortunately, many home chefs struggle to keep their charcoal lit. After lighting it with a match or fire starter, the charcoal may ignite to produce a flame initially, only to die out shortly thereafter. If
Tenderness is equally as important as flavor when smoking meat. If your smoked meat isn’t tender, it will have a not-so-pleasant chewy texture, making it difficult to consume. By following these six smoking tips, however, you can increase the tenderness of your meat. #1) Choose a Fatty Cut of Meat Certain cuts of meat are more tender than others. For smoking, you should choose a fatty cut so that the marbling will keep the meat
Because they are typically stored outdoors, grills and smokers are susceptible to rusting. It may not happen overnight, but if you leave your grill or smoker outside for long enough, it may eventually rust. It’s frustrating when you discover rust eating through your grill or smoker. Not only does rust affect the aesthetics of your grill or smoker; it affects the performance and structural integrity of your outdoor cooking device. The good news, however, is