• Offset smokers have become increasingly popular among pitmasters. Featuring a separate firebox that’s away from the main cooking compartment, an offset smoker offers the perfect environment in which to smoke meat. You can place your meat inside the main cooking compartment, and you can place your charcoal or wood in
  • Oak trees are found extensively throughout the United States. Regardless of where exactly you live, you’ve probably encountered some of these hardwood trees. Because they are so common, oak trees are frequently used as firewood. But do oak trees really make good firewood? What Are Oak Trees? An oak tree
  • Flare-ups are a common occurrence when grilling meat. It’s characterized by the eruption of a large flame, which usually lingers for just a few seconds to a few minutes before subsiding. With the towering flame rising up through the cooking grate, it can char and dry out your meat. By
  • A roaring fire brings warmth to people and places and adds an element of old-world charm and comfort to any setting. If you’re bringing firewood on a weekend camping trip or stocking up for the winter and transporting a fresh load, use this post as a guide. There are rules and regulations
  • When most people think of fireplaces, they envision indoor fireplaces installed in living rooms or other interior spaces of a home or building. A fireplace, however, can be installed outdoors as well. If you’re looking to renovate your outdoor living space, you should consider installing an outdoor fireplace. Like an
  • How much heat does your fireplace produce? It’s frustrating when you spend your time and energy building a fire, only for it to produce little or no heat. While using high-quality firewood can increase your fireplace’s heating power, you should consider installing a blower. This otherwise simple accessory can make
  • The Holidays are here, and that means everyone in our family is getting stressed about gift giving. What should I get dad? Will my brother-in-law actually appreciate his gift this year? How do you get something for someone who already has everything they need? Good news, we’re here to help!
  • When shopping for firewood, you might be wondering whether to choose a hardwood or softwood variety. There are approximately 60,000 species of trees worldwide, all of which can be categorized as either hardwood or softwood. While both hardwood and softwood trees can be used firewood, there are some stark differences
  • There’s no substitution for the radiant warmth and pleasant aroma offered by a wood fire. Gas fires pale in comparison to their wood counterparts. Whether it’s natural gas or propane, it won’t produce as much heat as a wood fire, nor will it produce the same pleasant aroma. While you
  • With its ability to produce unique and delectable flavors, smoking is one of the best ways to cook chicken. Whether you’re cooking a whole chicken or a few chicken breasts or wings, they’ll have a mouthwatering flavor after being exposed to the flavorful wood smoke. In terms of flavor, smoked
  • A fire pit does more than just improve the aesthetics of your patio or outdoor living space; it opens the doors to new social activities. Rather than staying cooped up inside your home during the evenings, you can gather around the fire pit with family members and friends. You can
  • Are you looking to purchase a new smoker? The right smoker can make a world of difference in the flavor, texture and overall quality of your smoked foods. Whether you’re smoking a beef brisket, a pork shoulder, chicken wings or even fish, it will provide an enclosed environment that traps