Whether you’re building a fire inside or outside your Lake Keowee home, you should invest in high-quality firewood for the best possible experience. It’s frustrating when you try to start a fire, only to discover that your firewood won’t light. Even if you’re able to light it, it may not produce any meaningful amount of heat. You can avoid problems such as these by purchasing premium firewood. Cutting Edge Firewood offers some of the industry’s highest-quality firewood, which we’ll deliver straight to your Lake Keowee home.

About Lake Keowee, SC

Located in South Carolina’s Oconee and Pickens counties, Lake Keowee is a man-made reservoir lake. Its origins can be traced back to the early 1960s, during which the South Carolina Land & Timber company purchased several lots of land in the area. Just a few years later, state officials selected Lake Keowee as the site for a new hydroelectric power plant. Duke Energy was ultimately awarded the contract, which eventually led to the creation of Lake Keowee. Today, Lake Keowee is one of the most popular and frequently visited lakes in South Carolina.

Fun Facts About Lake Keowee, SC

  • There are approximately 300 miles of shoreline on Lake Keowee.
  • Lake Keowee was named after the Cherokee town of Keowee.
  • At its deepest point, Lake Keowee extends nearly 300 feet deep.
  • The dam at Lake Keowee produces enough electricity to power roughly 7,000 homes per year.
  • Duke Energy uses some of the lake water to cool its three nuclear reactors.
  • In terms of size, Lake Keowee is about 25 miles long and three miles wide.
  • Healthcare and education are two of the biggest industries on Lake Keowee.
  • Lake Keowee has an average elevation of roughly 800 feet above sea level.
  • Nearly a half-dozen waterways connect to Lake Keowee, including the Keowee River, Little River, Whitewater River, Thompson River, Lake Jocassee and Toxaway River.
  • Duke Energy partnered with state officials to create the Keowee-Toxaway State Park, which consists of three individual parks located on and near Lake Keowee.
  • Some of the native fish species in Lake Keowee include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, brown trout, rainbow trout, bluegill and catfish.
  • There are six boat ramps available on Lake Keowee.
  • Thousands of centuries-old Cherokee artifacts have bee discovered in Lake Keowee and the surrounding area.
  • In 1993, Lake Keowee residents formed an organization known as Friends Of Lake Keowee Society (FOLKS) to raise awareness for environmental and recreational issues.

Kiln Dried Firewood vs Seasoned Firewood: Which Is Best?

The terms “kin dried” and “seasoned” are often used interchangeably when referring to firewood that’s been dried. While similar, however, they aren’t necessarily the same. By definition, seasoning — when used in the context of firewood — refers to any drying method that’s used to lower the moisture content of wood. Kiln drying, on the other hand, is a unique type of drying method that involves the use of a kiln.

Most seasoned firewood is air-dried. In other words, it’s stored outside for long periods of time to achieve a lower moisture content. Depending on the specific type of firewood, it may take six months or longer to fully season. During this time, moisture will gradually evaporate from inside the firewood. Once seasoned, it’s sold and used as firewood.

Kiln drying isn’t just a faster way to dry firewood; it’s also more effective. When wood is placed inside the drying kiln, it’s exposed to heat and pressure, which essentially pulls moisture out of the wood. While air-dried firewood typically has a moisture content of 20% to 25%, the moisture content of kiln dried firewood is about 10%, meaning it contains about half as much moisture as its air-dried counterpart. As a result, kiln dried firewood is the best all-around choice for your Lake Keowee home. It’s easier to light, burns brighter, produces more heat and is cleaner than air-dried firewood.

Where Can I Find Kiln Dried Firewood for My Lake Keowee, SC Home?

You probably won’t find any roadside vendors in Lake Keowee — or elsewhere — selling kiln dried firewood. Rather, nearly all roadside vendors only sell air-dried firewood. This is because the drying kilns used to produce kiln dried firewood are expensive, commercial-grade machines. As a result, roadside vendors typically produce and sell air-dried firewood.

The good news is you can still purchase kiln dried firewood for your Lake Keowee. When you purchase kiln dried firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood, we’ll deliver it to your Lake Keowee home. As a Lake Keowee resident, you can even take advantage of our Artisanal Delivery Service. As explained here, this is our signature white glove delivery service. With our Artisanal Delivery Service, our dedicated delivery experts will not only bring you your kiln-dried firewood; they’ll stack it in your desired area while also answering any questions you have. Furthermore, kiln dried firewood purchased with Artisanal Delivery Service comes with a convenient and stylish rack.

How to Build the Perfect Campfire on Lake Keowee, SC

Building the perfect campfire begins with using high-quality firewood. Don’t assume that air-dried firewood is just as good kiln dried firewood. While air-dried firewood is certainly better than fresh or green firewood, it don’t offer the same level of performance as kiln dried firewood. Because it contains just half the moisture of air-dried firewood, kiln dried firewood is easier to light. Just place some tinder and kindling in the center of your firewood, at which point you can light it with a match or natural fire starter.

There are several different ways to build a campfire on the lake, one of the most common being a tipi. As the name suggests, this type of campfire is characterized by a cone-like shape resembling a tipi. After arranging your tinder and kindling in the center, you’ll need to stack several pieces of kiln dried firewood vertically around the perimeter. Each of these logs should be positioned so that they come together at the top.

Of course, you may need to add more kiln dried firewood to keep your campfire going long into the night. If your campfire begins to die down, carefully place two or three more logs in the middle. As long as your campfire has unburned, dry wood, it will continue to produce heat for you and your guests.

Don’t Forget to Extinguish Your Campfire

When you are ready to call it night and head indoors, extinguish your campfire by dousing it in water. Even if your campfire is no longer burning with a large and visible flame, it probably contains hot embers still. And all it takes is a sudden gust of wind to transport these embers to nearby brush or flammable structures. By dousing your campfire in water, however, you can rest assured knowing that the fire won’t spread.

In Conclusion

Experience the difference that kiln dried firewood makes at your Lake Keowee home by ordering a rack from Cutting Edge Firewood. For over a decade, we’ve been delivering the industry’s highest-quality firewood, as well as cooking wood, to residents throughout the Southeast.

Your search for firewood in Lake Keowee, South Carolina is over. Stock up on high-quality kiln dried firewood by visiting our order page now. After placing your order, we’ll deliver the kiln dried firewood directly to your Lake Keowee home.