Let’s say that you want to use your fireplace or woodstove for the upcoming winter season. To do that, you will need a firewood delivery Hartford Ill company that can send wood straight to your door. Sure, you could go out and cut the wood yourself, but it takes between six months to a year-and-a-half for the firewood to dry and be ready for firewood. When you buy online, you cut out the wait time, or perhaps you simply supplement your current supply.

Heating with Wood: Worth It?

Perhaps you’re wondering if buying from a firewood delivery Hartford Ill company will be worth the cost over the long term. The advantage of buying kiln-dried firewood in Hartford Ill is that if you don’t have a lot of access to firewood, it can make things easier for you. First, you have to consider if you will cut your own firewood and how much you plan to cut. The advantage in buying is that you don’t have to cut as much. At the same time, you can often lower your energy bill from burning wood over the winter season. As an added bonus, it makes your home feel even cozier.

Only Burn Seasoned Firewood

In truth, it doesn’t matter how you obtain your firewood, but you should make sure that you only burn seasoned firewood. You have many advantages of seasoned firewood like:

  • Burns hotter
  • Lights more easily
  • Safer

It takes time to process wood and turn it into firewood. They call this process wilting firewood, which involves cutting down the tree and letting the moisture go out from the tree. What reason do people leave the leaves and limbs on the tree? The theory is that doing this will cause the tree to send the moisture to these areas, which helps the tree to dry out more quickly. After the leaves turn brown, you cut up the limbs and remove the rest of the tree.

Which Device Should I Use?

You might be wondering if you should use a fireplace, a woodstove or a fireplace insert. In general, after you have bought premium firewood in Hartford, we don’t believe in a superior choice necessarily. Some have said that the fireplace is terribly inefficient in comparison to the woodstove, but the fireplace still offers coziness and aesthetic appeal that the woodstove doesn’t have. If you want better heating efficiency, you could pick the fireplace insert, which offers you all the virtues of the woodstove. It’s like an upgraded version of the fireplace.

Maintenance Does Matter

Along with buying kiln-dried firewood in Hartford Ill, you have to consider the maintenance of the wood stove. Luckily, the process of maintenance is quite simple, but you do have to watch the chimney for creosote buildup because you don’t want this to build up in high quantities. The general rule of thumb is around 1/8 of an inch of creosote. Along with the dangers of starting a fire, creosote buildup can lead to a buildup of smoke inside the fireplace because it has nowhere to go. This will lead to your fires burning with less heat, and they won’t get the necessary oxygen. When you go to hire a chimney sweep, it’s recommended that you look for one that has a CSIA certified chimney sweep certification. How often you do this will depend on the frequency of burning firewood in the home. Normally, you will want to have a chimney sweep visit your house every year because this ensures that you don’t get a buildup of creosote that could start a fire.

Are you interested in buying premium firewood in Hartford? If so, you may want to consider checking out Cutting Edge Firewood. We have an online site where you can buy firewood at great savings. After you have bought from us, we will have this shipped via freighter straight to your door. Burning wood this winter can help you to lower the cost of your energy bill. Some people have also said that wood heat has a more comforting feeling, and after you have experience wood heat, it’s hard to go back to the regular. When you call us, we will help to support you so that you can keep your fireplace stocked for the winter.