Kiln-Dried Firewood in Buckhead, GA

Finding firewood can be chore, especially if you live in a metropolitan city like Buckhead. The densely populated, commercially bustling nature of metropolitan cities means there's fewer vendors selling firewood here. And considering that Buckhead is the third-largest commercial district in Atlanta, many of its residents spend hours searching for firewood, only to go home empty-handed.

If you live in Buckhead, however, you can have premium kiln-dried firewood delivered to your home. Cutting Edge Firewood is the Southeast's premier vendor of high-quality firewood. We offer kiln-dried firewood that's dried 12 times longer than the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) standard. With a longer drying time, our kiln-dried firewood outperforms our competitors in nearly every way. It's easier to light, burns hotter, stays lit longer, and is free of pests. Whether you prefer oak, hickory or cherry, we'll deliver the finest kiln-dried firewood to your Buckhead home.


Did You Know? Fun Facts About Buckhead, GA

The origins of Buckhead can be traced back to the late 1830s when Henry Irby purchased a 100+ acre lot of land in the present-day city. While 100 acres of land would likely cost more than one-quarter of a millions dollars today (possibly a lot more, depending on location), Irby paid just $650 for it. After purchasing the land, Irby built a store and bar, which rightfully attracted other people to the area. Within 50 years, Buckhead became a popular vacation destination for residents living in Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Buckhead is now a large, busy city with a combination of both residential homes as well as commercial businesses. According to Wikipedia, Buckhead has 43 neighborhoods, making it one of the largest residential areas in Atlanta. In fact, most of the Northern Atlanta neighborhoods are located within the Buckhead city limits.

Just last year, Buckhead introduced the Relay Bike Share program. Originally launched in Downtown Atlanta, the Relay Bike Share is a public program that allows residents and visitors of an area to rent a bike. In Buckhead -- as well as other cities in which the Relay Bike Share program is offered -- you can pay a $15-per-month fee to use a bike for 90 minutes each day. With Buckhead featuring businesses and home packed tightly together, many residents here prefer using the Relay Bike Share program over traditional methods of transportation.


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Kiln-Dried Firewood in Buckhead, GA


Using Kiln-Dried Firewood in Your Buckhead, GA Home

You can burn most types of firewood in your Buckhead home, but some perform better than others. Pine, for example, is a common softwood found throughout the Peach State. And because it's so readily available, many residents assume that it's a good choice of firewood to burn. Pine firewood, however, is less dense than hardwoods like oak, hickory and cherry, so produces less heat.

Another reason you shouldn't burn pine firewood in your Buckhead home is because it produces thick, heavy smoke. If you've ever encountered an injured pine tree in the woods, you probably know how much sap they produce. What you may not know, however, is that pine sap is highly flammable. If you attempt to burn pine wood in the fireplace of your Buckhead home, it may pop while sending fiery-hot embers towards you or anyone else around the fire. Furthermore, the sap will release soot when burned that contributes to creosote buildup in your chimney. For these reasons and others, it's recommended that you use premium kiln-dried firewood in your Buckhead home, such as the firewood sold here at Cutting Edge Firewood. Our premium kiln-dried firewood only consists of high-quality hardwoods, offering a safer, better-burning fire.


Storing Firewood at Your Buckhead, GA Home

There are a number of areas where you can store firewood at your Buckhead home. Contrary to what some people believe, you don't need an outdoor shed or storage facility. Assuming your Buckhead home has a basement, you can store your firewood here. A garage -- whether attached or detached -- is also a suitable place to store firewood. If you order firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood, our Delivery Artisans will hand-deliver firewood to your desired storage area, arranging, stacking and even cleaning up the space.

As explained in on our FAQ page, the three most important things to consider when choosing an area to store firewood is convenience, aesthetics and longevity. Both basements and garages fit this criteria perfectly. Alternatively, you can store firewood outside your Buckhead home, but you'll need to keep it off the ground and covered. Otherwise, it will absorb moisture and potentially attract pests.


Enjoy a warm, radiant fire at your Buckhead, GA home all winter long using premium kiln-dried firewood. We offer a wide variety of firewood and cooking wood for sale at our online store.