Kiln-Dried Firewood in Boston Mass

Getting firewood ready for the winter season can help you to save money on energy this year. Not to mention, having a fireplace feels peaceful and enjoyable to sit near the fire, watching a movie with loved ones and enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. When you buy premium firewood in Boston, you save yourself the trouble of having to cut it yourself and go through the process of letting it dry.

How Getting Firewood Can Help You

Buying firewood can have a big difference in how much you burn. Let’s say that you chop all your firewood. You could do that, but you have one problem—you can only burn as much firewood as you harvested. Chopping firewood can be a lot of work. Also, the maturation process for firewood takes anywhere from six months to a full year. This means that you can’t simply go out and cut down wood and immediately put it into your fireplace: You have to plan for it. Sure, maybe you could place green firewood in the fireplace, but it doesn’t produce as much heat, and it can add a lot of creosote in your chimney, which can be dangerous.

Making a Fire: The Available Techniques

After you have had firewood delivery in Boston MA, the next step is to identify a firewood building technique that appeals to you. No matter what you choose, however, using seasoned firewood will be an essential part of this process. Nothing brings quite as much frustration as attempting to light wet firewood. You have a couple of different techniques that you could choose to use that include:

  • Log cabin fire
  • Teepee fire
  • Top-down fire
  • Star fire
  • Swedish torch fire

Each of these fire building techniques has their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the log cabin fire method is a popular choice because of its versatility. Whether you light it in the fireplace or the great outdoors, it has a long burn. You also have the teepee fire. The teepee fire has especially become popular for those in the outdoors because you don’t have to worry about the spacing. The next method that you have is the top-down method, and this has become a popular choice in fireplaces today because of how it burns for a much longer time than some of the other choices.

Let’s say that you don’t have a lot of extra wood to burn. You’re on your last leg, and you need firewood delivery in Boston MA. You can choose to do the Starfire method. Back in the days of the Old West, the cowboys used to build their fires with the Starfire method. This has become an awesome fire for cooking things because of how you can control the fire easily. Finally, you have the Swedish torch fire. This has sometimes been referred to as the Swedish log stove, and it’s a unique choice because of how it only uses a single piece of firewood.

Getting a Fire Started

Nowadays, starting a fire is much easier than what it was back in ancient times before the invention of matches when they had to start it using friction and wood. To light a fire in your fireplace, you should have the fire damper open because otherwise, you will fill your room with smoke. After you have opened the damper, you will build your firewood based on the chosen technique. Next, you have a couple of options. You can either choose to use wood shavings for the kindling that fuels the fire, but you can also crumple up a couple of pieces of newspaper. As a general rule of thumb, you should never use lighter fluid to start a fire inside the fireplace because this can be dangerous, and it can cause the fire to leap out of its restrained confines. Matches are one of the most common ways. You have two firewood building methods that have become favored among homeowners for building fires. For example, you could choose the top-down fire method, or you could choose the log cabin fire method. The log cabin method has the advantage of ease of setup. You can set this up more quickly than the top-down method, but the top-down method tends to burn for a much longer duration.

How long your firewood burns will also depend on the species of wood. For example, oak has been known to burn for hours and put out nice heat, but the flames are also smaller. In general, your ideal wood to burn for regular fires is the ash tree because it lasts a long time, and it produces plenty of heat to go with it. You can buy premium firewood in Boston at our online site. After you have purchased the firewood, we deliver it to your door.