Our ancestors used to sit around the fire and tell stories as a past time, and while we may live in modern houses now and the need for heating and cooking over the fire aren’t necessary, we still feel a type of bond with people when sitting around the fire with them. To have a fire, you need wood. The type of wood chosen will have an impact on whether you have a good fire or a poor one. With a premium firewood Charlotte NC company, you can rest assured that you receive quality firewood, and it gets delivered straight to your door.

What Determines Firewood Quality?

The two chief elements to determine the quality of firewood include density and moisture content. If the firewood feels too moist, the fire will spend more time trying to dry the wood and convert the water to steam than it will with generating heat. Here are several telltale signs to know if your firewood is dried:

  • The color of the wood is darker.
  • Loose bark is falling off it.
  • Look for cracking and checking on the ends.
  • You can tell by the weight. The dryer it gets, the less it weighs.
  • How does the firewood sound?

Different species dry faster than others. Cherry dries in eight months. Red oak will take around a year to a year and a half to dry.

Using a Moisture Meter

One of the ways that you can tell how much moisture content exists in the firewood is through using a moisture meter. This will tell you at what percentage the firewood has of moisture in it. We want to do this because we can find higher quality firewood in this way. After the firewood delivery Charlotte company visits your door, check the moisture of the firewood. Typically, a 12-percent reading shows that it has been sitting for a while, and you will have higher quality firewood as a result.

Keeping Your Home Warm in the Winter

The coastal areas of South Carolina see mild winters, but you do have cold weather that finds its way to your home a few times per year. Keeping your home warm can be done using firewood, and you enjoy a cozy feeling at the same time. Going with a kiln-dried Charlotte company like ours can get this wood delivered straight to your home. You can choose to use either a fireplace or a woodburning stove. Here are some tips with the fireplace and woodburning stove to stay warm this winter:

  • Open the fire damper to ensure your fire gets enough oxygen.
  • Only burn kiln-dried wood.
  • Install a chimney cap to prevent cold downdrafts and rain and snow from getting in.
  • Chimney caps will often have side vents so that the smoke escapes.

In general, if you have to choose between a woodburning stove and a fireplace, you may want to go with the woodburning stove. You see an average of 50 to 75 percent greater efficiency in this way. This means that when you buy from a kiln-dried firewood Charlotte company, you get a better deal on the firewood because it lasts longer. You don’t have to buy more soon after.

Staying Safe This Winter

On average, 430 deaths happen per year in the United States due to carbon monoxide poisoning. In particular, most of the deaths happen over the winter season as people dust off their furnaces and start using them. To stay safe, place carbon monoxide detectors near the fireplace as well as in your bedrooms. Another thing that you need to stay safe is to hire a chimney sweep who can eliminate the creosote and blockages in the chimney. Many times, you will even find more than the creosote like dead animals that may have fallen into the chimney. How often you should hire one depends on how much you burn wood. A general rule is that you may want to consider having your chimney inspected at least once per year. If you use the fireplace on a regular basis, it protects your chimney from starting on fire. One way that you can lower the amount of creosote in the chimney is to hire a kiln-dried firewood Charlotte company because better quality wood lowers the amount of creosote released into the chimney.

Tips for Keeping Firewood Stored

What do you need to know when you go to store firewood? First, you should understand when buying that you most likely won’t burn all of it at once. You want to store your firewood in an area where you have easy access to it. Firewood can still be heavy, and you don’t want to have to carry it long distances if possible. In addition, try not to store it in a wet area because this can make your firewood moist and difficult to light. Even if you do light it, wet wood doesn’t produce as much heat as dried wood. Finally, keep your firewood elevated. You want to do this because it keeps it away from the excess moisture on the ground. In fact, firewood racks have the key purpose of keeping the wood off the ground.

With these things in mind, you also tend to get a better experience with delivery because of the convenience. You can buy at our online store, and we will have the firewood shipped straight to your door by freight shipping. Kiln-dried firewood offers some of the least moisture in the wood, and this delivers the best amount of heating for an indoor space. In an outdoor space, it delivers heat around the fire to everyone. Dried-kiln wood is just better in general.