• Tampa, which is found on the west coast of The Sunshine State (Florida), is considered the economic hub of western Florida. The area is best known for its exciting tourist attractions, specifically, Busch Gardens, where visitors get the excitement of a zoo and amusement park all in one.  Tampa is
  • Thanks to the booming tech industry and innovative arts scene, Columbus offers an innovative, hip, and young vibe. It is also home to one of the largest college campuses in the U.S., which means the entire area is filled with creativity and energy throughout the year.  The days are long
  • Indianapolis is a great place to live, work, and play. During the summer, you enjoy long, warm days, but the winters are bitterly cold – so what does this mean? It means that being able to build a fire – quickly is a must.  Unfortunately, finding and cutting your own
  • As the 13th largest city in the country, Fort Worth has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. Known for that good ‘ole Texas hospitality and more than 12 districts of fun and culture, there’s always something to do and enjoy in this city.  Even better, the area experiences
  • Lexington, Kentucky, is known as the “horse capital of the world.” As you drive through the area, seeing horse paddocks surrounded by white fences is commonplace, and many horse owners are extensive.  The area is also a cultural and historical hub, offering an immersive experience for those living in or
  • If you live in San Jose, you have the enjoyment of long, warm, mostly clear summers. Unfortunately, they are often short, cold, and wet when winter arrives, which means having access to dry, quality firewood is a must.  While it’s not always possible to find firewood yourself, you can rely
  • What do you think of when you think of Austin? As the capital of the great state of Texas, you might think of its eclectic country music scene, it’s reputation for “staying weird,” or its University of Texas campus that is so popular. You may even think of the great
  • Colorado Springs sits at the eastern foot of the famous Rocky Mountains. Home of the breathtaking Garden of the Gods, this sky high city stands at a 6,035 elevation and is known for its wonderful hiking trails, biking opportunities, and popular landmarks like The Broadmoor. Though this gorgeous Colorado city
  • Chicago is one of the United State’s largest cities, offering a myriad of famous landmarks like the Willis Tower, famed sports teams, one of the world’s largest art museums, and beautiful architecture and parks. Located on Lake Michigan and reigning as the most recognizable city in Illinois, Chicago features a
  • Nashville is the capital of the great state of Tennessee and home to one of the most vibrant music scenes in the country. Strong in its country music roots and boasting a culture that is equal parts dazzling, neon city and down-home country, Nashville is a colorful place full of
  • Seattle is The Evergreen State’s largest city and is known for its diverse terrain of water, evergreen forests, and mountains. Also known for its technology and grunge music scenes, high-quality coffee and the first ever Starbucks, plus local landmarks like the popular Space Needle. It’s truly a city full of
  • Denver is the capital of The Centennial State and is known for its historic buildings, famous museums, vibrant downtown scene, and its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Colorado’s destination for hiking, skiing, and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park. One of the beauties of life in Denver is the prevalence of