Countless home chefs soak their smoking chunks in water before using them to smoke meats or veggies. The general idea is to allow the smoking chunks — blocks of flavorful hardwood, usually measuring just under 2 inches long — to absorb some of the water so that they produce more smoke when burned. So, is it really worth the effort to soak smoking chunks? Smoke Equals Flavor The amount of smoke produced by your smoking
Nothing beats the mouthwatering flavor and pull-apart tenderness of smoked meat. From beef brisket and pork chops to steaks, ribs and fish, smoking cooks meat at a low temperature while exposing it to flavorful compounds. Although it takes longer than grilling, the end result is well worth your time. After your meat has finished smoking, it will have an out-of-this-world flavor that’s guaranteed to draw compliments from anyone who tries it. For the best smoking
Become a maser fire-builder using Cutting Edge Firewood’s signature kiln-dried firewood. Whether you’re looking to build fires for heat, relaxation, cooking or just for fun, there’s no substitution for kiln-dried firewood. And with our Delivery Artisan service, you can have kiln-dried firewood shipped straight to your Athens home, allowing you and your family to enjoy brighter fires. About Athens, GA Athens-Clarke County, or what’s more commonly known by Georgians as just “Athens,” is a heavily
Want to know the secret to grilling and smoking restaurant-quality food? No, you don’t need to invest in commercial restaurant equipment. All it takes is a conventional grill or smoker along with premium cooking wood. By combining these two simple things, you can cook restaurant-quality meats and veggies from the comfort of your home’s outdoor living area. What Is Premium Cooking Wood? Available for sale at Cutting Edge Firewood, premium cooking wood is wood that
When preparing to take a trip in an RV, it’s important that you bring high-quality firewood. Renting a luxury RV from an industry-leading company like Gross RV will open the doors to a world of new outdoor adventures, some of which include sightseeing, camping and tailgating. Regardless of what RVing activities you have planned, though, premium firewood will create a more enjoyable and memorable trip. You Can Easily Build Fires Using High-Quality Firewood It’s frustrating