Grilling is just one way to cook sausage. For the best possible flavor, you should consider smoking sausage. Smoking allows you to cook sausage more slowly while exposing it to flavorful smoke. By following these seven tips, you can smoke delicious sausage using a grill or smoker. #1) Choose the Right Type of Sausage There are dozens of types of sausage, some of which are better suited for smoking than others. Generally speaking, most types
Whether you’re building a fire inside or outside your Lake Keowee home, you should invest in high-quality firewood for the best possible experience. It’s frustrating when you try to start a fire, only to discover that your firewood won’t light. Even if you’re able to light it, it may not produce any meaningful amount of heat. You can avoid problems such as these by purchasing premium firewood. Cutting Edge Firewood offers some of the industry’s
Do you own a home on Lake Oconee? Located in Central Georgia — near Greensboro and Eatonton — it’s one of The Peach State’s most popular and frequented visited lakes. As a Lake Oconee homeowner, though, you might be wondering where exactly to source firewood for your home. As the Southeast’s premier vendor of high-quality firewood, Cutting Edge Firewood now delivers firewood, as well as cooking wood, to residents in Lake Oconee. With our Artisanal
Don’t settle for low-quality firewood that’s difficult to light and produces little or no heat. Using our signature Artisanal Delivery Service, you can have premium kiln dried firewood delivered straight to your Cashiers, NC home. For over a decade, Cutting Edge Firewood has been delivering the industry’s finest firewood, as well as cooking wood, to residents throughout the Southeast. The History of Cashiers, NC Located in Southern Jackson County — almost on the border of
How to cook pulled pork
The second episode of Becoming a Backyard BBQ Master is here! Today, Evan will attempt to smoke his first Pork Butt (also known as a Boston Butt). Pork butts are a great choice for cooking low and slow. They’re hard to mess up, they taste delicious, and they provide a lot of food for a lower cost (so if you do manage to mess it up you won’t feel too bad). Whether you’re a seasoned