Hickory is a dense and heavy hardwood that most agree is the best for burning. Since the wood doesn’t hold much moisture, once kiln dried, hickory is extremely easy to ignite. Of all our wood selections, many find that hickory provides the best overall experience. There is absolutely no possibility of insects or mold and it gives off the lowest emissions, making it safe whether you want to enjoy it indoors or outdoors.  Hickory provides you with the distinctive qualities everyone loves about a great fire. It burns longer than all our other split wood options and provides the hottest and brightest flames. Hickory’s classic crackle sound and burning properties make it perfect for cold nights with your friends and family gathered around the fire pit. And if it’s a great aroma you’re looking for, the smell of burning hickory is one of the best. Plus, hickory can be used for smoking and cooking food, giving it a distinct smoky flavor.