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Designed for Chefs

The most demanding chefs and grill masters choose Cutting Edge Firewood to fuel their wood fired ovens and grills. Our cooking firewood is pre-split, creating hotter and longer burns. Most cooking firewood requires splitting, which requires labor and the need for additional drying to ensure optimal burn temperatures. Cutting Edge offers the best quality and convenience. Visit the showroom for more cooking wood options available for immediate take home use.


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Pizza Cut

Designed specifically for wood fired ovens, PIzza Cut gives you the hottest and longest burns. We partnered with pizzaioli and learned...
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Cherry Firewood

A wonderful fruit wood to grill over or smoke. Definitely a favorite for cooking in the South. Cherry Firewood is an apple wood...
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White Oak Chunks

White Oak Chunks are a staple for either grilling or smoking. Specifically designed for grills, smokers and any premium smoker, such as...
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Hickory Chunks

Hickory Chunks offer a strong taste for either grilling or smoking. Specifically designed for grills, smokers and any premium smoker,...
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Small Wood Stove Chiminea Firewood

Small wood stove chiminea firewood is the perfect size for wood burning stoves and outdoor chiminea fireplaces. Enjoy the kiln dried...
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Excelsior Fire Starter

Sometimes referred to as string wood, our Excelsior Fire Starters are great for starting any fire, but they complement cooking wood...
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A liberal amount of super dry, easy to light kiln dried kindling. Complements any type of fire. Perfect for warmth, aesthetics or...
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