Three Unique Wedding Reception Ideas for 2020

Three Unique Wedding Reception Ideas for 2020

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, so making the most out of the special day is your top priority. You want your guests to remember and talk about your big day for years to come with a reception as unique as you are. We know planning a wedding can be stressful, so that's why we've collected the best ideas for a one-of-a-kind wedding, along with everything you need to know to make your reception shine.

1. Our Top Pick: Bonfire Wedding With Fire Butler Service

Get warm and toasty with a bonfire at your wedding reception. Guests will appreciate the cozy atmosphere, the natural glow and the crisp crackle that a bonfire provides. An unexpected element at any event, a bonfire creates the perfect blend of elegance and enjoyment at your wedding.

A wedding bonfire will undoubtedly make an impression with your guests, but it requires some coordination to get right. You may be wondering how it all works. Don't worry! Cutting Edge Firewood offers an experienced Fire Butler service, so we can answer all your questions and provide you with all the details you'll need to make your wedding by the fire a success.

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Where Does a Bonfire Wedding Work Best?

Whether you host a summer reception that lasts long into the night or an intimate winter wedding, a fire will be the social hub at your event, keeping guests warm and their marshmallows roasted. Bonfires provide great ambiance at any vineyard, farm or even beach setting. If you plan on having an open-air element at your wedding, a fire pit ensures that you enjoy your venue no matter the temperature outside. If your venue has a fireplace, you can even host your fire indoors.

Remember that a bonfire is an open flame, and many venues have fire codes to keep guests safe. When looking for a location, whether for a beach bonfire wedding reception or campground-themed reception, look for sites that offer a proper fireplace to ensure you'll have a place to house the fire. Or, if you plan to take the party outdoors, make sure to speak with your venue contact to ensure they have the proper amenities for a fire. As part of the Fire butler service, Cutting Edge Firewood is able to provide beautiful fire pits for the event.

Cutting Edge Firewood's trained artisans have worked with many of the wedding and event venues in the Atlanta area, so we can provide you with additional guidance on where to host your wedding.

Do I Need to Manage the Fires and Fire Pits?

Not at all!

Based on your requests, Cutting Edge Firewood will send professionally trained fire attendees to your wedding. Their responsibility will be delivering, setting up and managing fires at your wedding. Our delivery artisans offer concierge-level service and can stack the firewood to your preferred specifications, so your fire pits will look professional and clean throughout the night.

Our Fire Butlers come armed with designer fire irons and dressed for your occasion. They will take care of the process from delivery to clean up, so you can enjoy your fire knowing our professionals are tending to the flames.

If you've been to a bonfire before, you might remember the smoke, especially if it was a windy evening. With Cutting Edge Firewood's services, our fires are fueled by premium kiln-dried firewood that burns brighter, longer and with less smoke than other firewood. With our kiln dried wood paired with our knowledgeable Fire Butlers, your event will be even more enjoyable with less smoke.

Worried about smell? Once again, the quality of your firewood means everything. Wet and moldy firewood will create lots of smoke that stinks and sticks to people. Using ultra kiln dried firewood, however, will create an amazing aroma and everyone will head home smelling great.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Bonfire Services at My Wedding?

Cutting Edge Firewood provides a high-end service, and the starting price is $1,995 — however, we recommend calling or setting up an appointment to discuss all the requests of your venue. We offer options for both standard and 24-inch hickory, as well as a bundle of Heart Pine and Kindling. You can also choose from additional services such as our s'mores by the fire option.

And of course, you can always just order our firewood and then manage the fire yourself! Because our firewood is easy to light and burns brighter and hotter, you'll have an easier time managing the fire.


A bright, slow-burning fire creates an experience that guests will remember for the rest of their lives. It will give your wedding an extra spark of excitement. The smell of the fire on a chilly night, the satisfying crackle of the firewood and tasty s'mores will keep your guests entertained all night.

Make your bonfire wedding reception even more special with some of these ideas:

  • Fire themed wedding favors: Give your guests a little something to remember your special day. Pass out coffee or hot chocolate mugs with your wedding logo or a fire-starter kit complete with Cutting Edge Firewood's Excelsior Fire Starters so they can keep the fire burning another night.
  • Warm cocoa for dessert: What's better than hot chocolate by the fire? Sipping on some cocoa will surely spice up the dessert course at your winter wedding.
  • Rustic decor: You can complement a great fire with a country-themed wedding. Decorate your space with lanterns, unfinished wood, greenery or flannel for an evening fit for a campground venue.

While serve-yourself drinks are nothing new, luxury beverage bars are becoming a major wedding trend to watch. Your guests will love pouring their craft beer straight from the tap or garnishing their cocktails themselves. For a non-boozy option that fits with a bonfire theme, consider a lemonade stand.

In keeping with the serve-your-own luxury trend, you can hire a mobile bar. Food-truck-style bars allow guests to grab some champagne, beer, or wine straight from the tap in a fresh and unexpected way.

Where Do Self-Serve Beverages Work Best?

Depending on where and how you want to set them up, a build-your-own beverage bar can work in just about any venue, inside and out. You can set up a tap or a cocktail station indoors. In an outdoor space, keep it simple by hiring a truck that can bring the drinks to you.

Remember that not every guest will want to indulge in whatever your self-service station is serving, so consider including one in addition to a traditional bar.

Do I Have to Manage Them Myself?

The beauty of self-service is just that — no bartender required. However, you may want to consider hanging a sign with directions, so guests know it's okay to pour themselves a drink or concoct their perfect cocktail.

Why Have Self-Serve Beverages at My Wedding?

A self-serve beverage station keeps the drinks flowing and keeps your guests entertained. The novelty of using equipment often reserved for bartenders, combined with the dispensing of premium alcohol, creates a pleasurable experience for guests. As a bonus, it can allow you to hire one less bartender or shorten the line for your main bar and keep everyone happy.

3. Cigar Bar

Nothing says "celebration" quite like a cigar. Take yours to the next level with a fully-stocked cigar bar. You can offer several varieties of tobacco, and even give them custom sleeves or signs for the table outfitted with your wedding logo.

Don't forget to give your guests a way to light them! No cigar bar is complete without Cutting Edge Firewood's premium cigar matches. These come in a sleek black matchbox and are long enough to light a cigar with a single match.

Where Do Cigar Bars Work Best?

Just as with bonfires, many venues have policies about open flames indoors. You will likely need an open-air location or a designated smoking area. If you are unsure, reach out to your on-site contact for more information.

Do I Have to Manage Them Myself?

No, you don't! You can easily set up your cigar bar with a sign and all the tools your guests will need, and let the bar run itself. You can also hire a professional cigar roller to treat your guests to a personal experience.

Why Have a Cigar Bar at My Wedding?

A classic at both weddings and bachelor parties, cigars offer an elegant touch to your reception. Much like bonfires, they are a great way to make use of an open-air space and keep attendees toasty.

Ignite Your Flame With Cutting Edge Firewood

Your wedding should be special. No matter the season, Cutting Edge Firewood can help make your reception an evening to remember. To learn more about our Bonfire and Fire Butler Services, get in touch today. To see for yourself the difference our gourmet firewood can make for your wedding, call 678-878-2434 to make an appointment to visit our showroom in Norcross, Georgia!

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