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7 Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood in Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Do you own an outdoor fire pit? If so, you should consider using kiln dried firewood in it. While most people are familiar with the benefits of using kiln dried firewood in a fireplace -- it is safer and protects against creosote buildup, which could otherwise lead to a house fire -- but many are unfamiliar its benefits in an outdoor fire pit. Whether you have a portable or stationary fire pit, though, kiln dried firewood from Cutting Edge Firewood is well worth the investment.

It's worth pointing out that there is kiln dried firewood, and then there's kiln dried firewood. Technically, any wood that has spent 75 minutes in a kiln can be labeled kiln dried, but that doesn't mean it's really dry. At Cutting Edge Firewood, we use the most rigorous drying process in the industry. Our wood spends 48 hours inside a kiln, which means it comes out with a moisture content around 5%. It's the reason we deliver the best firewood available, and you can be sure that you will truly experience the benefits described in this post.

So let's get to it! Her are seven important benefits of using kiln dried firewood in an outdoor fire pit.

#1) It's Easy to Light

Because of its low moisture content, kiln dried firewood is particularly easy to light. It's frustrating when you spend the time and effort to prepare your outdoor fire pit, only to discover that the wood won't light. Fresh firewood, as well as air-dried firewood, contains substantially more moisture than kiln dried firewood. The wood may look dry, but within its pores is a large volume of moisture that makes it difficult to light. Kiln dried firewood, however, is recognized for its exceptionally low moisture content. As a result, it's easy to light.

You can start a fire with a single match. When you bring everyone together, you can impress everyone with a fire that lights quickly, which is a much better experience than bringing people together to watch you blow on newspaper to try and convince wet wood to light. You don't even need to use lighter fluid or other accelerants when using kiln dried firewood in your outdoor fire pit, it is simply easy.

#2) It Produces Minimal Smoke

In addition to being easy to light, kiln dried firewood produces minimal smoke. It's frustrating when huge billows of dark smoke force you and your guests to move your chair every time the wind changes direction. Not only is this a nuisance; it can irritate your lungs and even trigger allergies. The good news is, kiln dried firewood from Cutting Edge produces much less smoke than fresh firewood and seasoned firewood. Its dry properties allow for cleaner fires with less smoke, which is just one more reason to use kiln dried firewood in your outdoor fire pit.

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#3) You'll Smell Better

Have you ever enjoyed an outdoor fire, only to go inside and realize your hair and clothes smell terrible? Smoke smells, and the harsh odors can linger for multiple days. When moist or damp firewood burns, some of the moisture will evaporate into the air. And once in the air, the moisture will float around, sticking to you and anyone else who's near the fire.

Kiln dried firewood, of course, has less moisture than other types of firewood, so when you use it in your outdoor fire pit, you won’t have that musty smoke smell stuck to you at the end of the evening. You'll smell clean and fresh, even after spending several hours huddled around your outdoor fire pit.

#4) It's Ideal for Roasting Marshmallows

If you're planning to roast marshmallows over your outdoor fire pit, there's no substitution for kiln dried firewood. It produces a clean fire that won't expose your marshmallows to harsh-tasting smoke. As the kiln dried firewood burns, it will release heat that's able to roast your marshmallows to the perfect consistency -- all while offering the best possible flavor. You can always try to roast marshmallows using other types of firewood. But if you're serious about cooking delicious roasted marshmallows, kiln dried firewood is the way to go.

Whether you're roasting marshmallows, making s'mores or even grilling hotdogs, though, you should choose kiln dried firewood. It offers the best possible flavor by creating little or no smoke. If you use fresh firewood or air-dried firewood, you can expect a harsher, less-enjoyable flavor. Check out this previous blog post for tips on how to make the best s'mores.

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#5) It Produces Brighter and Hotter Flames

When used in an outdoor fire pit or elsewhere, kiln dried firewood will produce brighter and hotter flames than that of other types of firewood. Spending time around the fire outside is always more enjoyable when you have a better flame. Watching wet wood smolder and create smoke is not a visually exciting experience, but watching beautiful flames dance and create warmth is a great way to make memories that last a lifetime.

The flames produced by kiln dried firewood are both bright and hot. During the winter, this makes kiln dried firewood an invaluable source of fuel for an outdoor fire pit. When the sun goes down and the temperature begins to drop, you can build a fire using kiln dried firewood to create a warm and enjoyable environment for you and your family members. The heating value of firewood is largely influenced by its moisture content. The lower the moisture content, the higher the heating value. Kiln dried firewood has a high heating value because it contains so little moisture. When burned, more of its organic matter will be converted into clean heat. The end result is brighter, hotter flames in your outdoor fire pit.

#6) Less Likely to Attract Pests

Kiln dried firewood is much less likely to attract pests. Wood is a natural source of food for many pests, including beetles and termites. Normally, though, pests specifically look for wet or damp wood on which to feast. Wet and damp wood is softer than dry wood, making it an ideal food source for beetles, termites and other common pests. Kiln dried firewood is processed in an oven-like kiln where moisture is extracted from the wood. And due to its dry properties, it's naturally protected against pests.

You can use kiln dried firewood in your outdoor fire pit without fear of it attracting pests. With a moisture content of around 5% on average, Cutting Edge Firewood isn't an ideal food source for pests. As previously mentioned, most posts prefer wet or damp wood, so they'll often ignore kiln dried firewood. Storing our firewood that is stacked on our patent pending racks will also keep the wood off the ground, making it harder for pests to invade.

#7) You Can Store It Anywhere

Finally, you can store kiln dried firewood just about anywhere. Even if you only intend to use it in your outdoor fire pit, it's perfectly fine to store kiln dried firewood somewhere inside your home. Many people, in fact, prefer to store their kiln dried firewood in their garage, kitchen, or living room. Regardless, you can store kiln dried firewood either inside or outside your home. Just remember to keep it covered and off the ground if you're going to store it outdoors.

While kiln dried firewood has an exceptionally low moisture content, it may absorb moisture from rain as well as the soil. By keeping it covered and off the ground, it will remain dry while subsequently providing you with the fuel needed to build the perfect fires. The bottom line is that you can store kiln dried firewood just about anywhere, making it particularly convenient when compared to other types of firewood with a higher moisture content. Fortunately, all Cutting Edge Firewood metal racks come with a cover included, which helps prevent your firewood from getting wet.

Experience the difference kiln dried firewood makes in your outdoor fire pit by visiting our firewood for sale today. Cutting Edge Firewood is the Southeast's premier vendor of high-quality kiln-dried firewood. We offer a variety of the industry's finest firewood, including oak, hickory, cherry and more, all of which you can use in your outdoor fire pit.

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