Here at Cutting Edge Firewood, we deliver firewood by the rack and by the box.

Boxes are great for a lot of reasons, so we put together this video that explains what is inside each box and the benefits. Watch now to see why a box may be right for you!


The Cutting Edge box of firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences. In every box, you will find:

  • Our 16″ standard cut firewood
  • excelsior fire starters
  • 4 pieces of heart pine
  • 8 pieces of kindling
  • 1 Box of Cigar Matches
  • Each firewood box is 17″ x 14″ x 16″ and contains up to 50 pounds of kiln dried wood

If you’re wondering how much firewood is in a box vs in a rack, then the breakdown is fairly simple. 6 boxes of firewood = 1 firewood rack + 1 fire starter package.


Although smaller than our racks of firewood, boxes of hickory are a popular way to receive firewood. Here are a few reasons boxes might be right for you:

  • You love the convenience of having everything you need in one box.
  • You can easily take a box with you on a camping trip, to the beach, or to the lake.
  • Boxes make great gifts.
  • You want to try a variety of products before choosing an entire rack.
  • You have less storage space and don’t want an entire rack. Boxes are great for townhomes or condos with fireplaces!
  • You have multiple fire areas and want the convenience of a box to carry firewood to tonight’s fire area.
  • Boxes are easier to ship across the country.
  • If you’re in the Atlanta area, boxes come with complimentary same day delivery!

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